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curriculum document Agriculture - AA

Why This Program?

Agriculture is the single largest industry in the world and employs approximately 20% of people in the United States. Agriculture is no longer solely comprised of farming. This industry includes vast opportunities in not only the production, but also the processing, distribution, and marketing of various food stuffs. From animal science to agronomy to landscaping to the floor of the Board of Trade in Chicago, HCC can put you on the right path to reaching your career goals.

Brief Explanation

This program consists of introductory courses in agriculture. Students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in agriculture should check the requirements at the college to which they intend to transfer. Programs in agriculture include the application of physical, biological, and social sciences and/or the principles of management of food production, food preservation and processing, crop and livestock marketing, and culture of flowers and ornamentals.

Program Outcomes

This program does not display outcomes to the public.

The HCC Agriculture program was the perfect start to my career in agriculture. HCC offered me an affordable program with excellent instructors and class options. I also enjoyed the wide array of competition teams and extracurricular activity. My advisor was crucial in my preparation for a degree in agronomy from K-State. I was able to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in four years while still being able to enjoy the college experience.

Preston, KS
Reno Co. Ag & Natural Resources Extension Agent
~C ody Barilla