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Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

CDL Entry Level Driver Training

The Hutchinson Community College CDL Entry Level Driver Training Program is a set of 2 courses designed to prepare students to take the written test at the DMV to obtain the Commercial Learner's Permit and then provide additional classroom & drive time training for students to take the Commercial Driver's License exam.

CDL CLass Dates

January  AP120

7, 8, 14, 15 

January AP131

28, 29




Course Overview

The AP120 Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) course schedule is as follows:  (4) 8 hour classroom days, held on 2 consecutive Fridays/Saturdays, typically the first 2 weekends of a month.  This time is spent preparing students for the written test (taken at a DMV the week following class) for the Commercial Learner's Permit.  Students must have this permit to enroll in the AP131 Road & Range course. 

The AP131 Road & Range course will consist of (2) 8 hour classroom days held on the 4th Friday/Saturday of the same month.  Up to 15 hours one-on-one drive time will follow with one of our trainers, at the end of which students will test.   State guidelines require testing be done by an examiner other than the driving trainer.  Hutchinson Community College is a State of Kansas approved 3rd Party CDL Testing Center.    

Course Fees

  • AP120  Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)  $
  • AP131  Road & Range $

The HCC CDL course fees do not include any DMV fees for tests, licenses, or endorsements.  Please contact your local DMV for their fee information. Please contact HCC for current course cost. 

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