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  • Ice Rescue Operations - FS155

    Course Description:  Surface ice rescue support functions at the 'operations' level as set forth in NFPA 1670 including preplanning, scene and victim assessment, shore-based rescue operations and IMS.

  • Ice Rescue Technician - FS156

    Course Description:  Primary surface ice rescue functions at the 'technician' level as set forth in NFPA 1670 including ice rescue incident preplanning, ice rescue incident scene management, performance of ice rescue procedures utilizing equipment unique to ice rescue.

  • OSHA: General, Fall Protection, Electrical Safety - NC146

    Course Description:  

  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class B - NC219

    Course Description:  Course prepares students to take the written CDL test with an emphasis on a "Class B" truck. Emphasis includes the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the pre-trip inspection, basic skills test and actual road test.

  • CDL S&P Endorsement - NC222

    Course Description:  This training prepares students for the S (School Bus) and P (Passenger) Commercial Driver's License endorsements.

    • Sections:

      NC222 002231S       South Campus Limited
        • WHEN
        • Days: Arranged
        • Times: 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM
        • Start Date: 12/07/2023
        • End Date: 01/26/2024
        • WHERE
        • Campus: South Campus
        • Building: Pioneer Building
        • Room: PI117A
        • INSTRUCTOR
        • David Krueger

      Section Type:  Lecture

      Credit Hours:  0.00

      Section Notes:  Students are in PI117A on first 2 days (Thurs. & Fri.) only. Remainder of time spent drive training to prepare for test.
  • Bovine Artificial Insemination - NC309

    Course Description:  This class covers theory and practice of modern animal artificial insemination and basic reproduction management.

  • KDOT Construction Skills and Life Management - NC579

    Course Description:  This course will cover NCCER Core construction skills, work ethics, nutrition, fitness and personal finance.

    • Sections:

      NC579 003231S       Main Campus
        • WHEN
        • Days: MT
        • Times: 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM
        • Start Date: 12/04/2023
        • End Date: 12/15/2023
        • WHERE
        • Campus: Main Campus
        • Building: Lockman Hall
        • Room: LH202
        • INSTRUCTOR
        • Charles Chambers

      Section Type:  Lecture

      Credit Hours:  0.00

      Section Notes:  Class will meet MT December 4th & 5th and RF December 14th & 15th.
  • Clinical I - ST112

    Course Description:  Clinical component in the surgical environment.