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Everyone needs a coach's help now and then to understand difficult concepts, to organize schoolwork, or to move past a mental block.  Thus, to help students succeed in their classes, HutchCC hires and trains many tutors whom students can visit for free.  Our tutoring program is certified by CRLA (College of Reading and Learning Assistance).  Over the 2019-2020 school year, over 80% of students who received drop-in tutoring in math or writing earned an A, B, or C in their class.  Closer to 70% of students who received tutoring by appointment earned an A, B, or C (perhaps due to COVID and a higher course withdrawal rate).

What should I expect?

The tutoring process varies depending on your needs: You might need to drop by for five minutes or five hours.  You might have only occasional questions, or you might need intensive help to improve your study skills and learn how to break down each concept and task into doable chunks.  Regardless, tutoring is a dialog and a process that requires student participation—and it may take longer than expected to resolve the issues. 

While the tutor's advice can help you improve your grades for particular assignments, the tutor's primary goal is to equip you to learn independently for any course or task.  To encourage independent learning skills, they will not re-teach a class you missed, give you answers, nor do the work for you.  Instead, they will advise you how to find the answers, help you identify and resolve the source of your difficulties, demonstrate how to problem-solve barriers, help clarify ideas, teach you study skills, help you manage your time and class papers, ask you questions to broaden your thinking, give you extra opportunities to practice and quiz yourself, and help you find and use resources.  They can be your coaches and your cheerleaders, helping you gain the confidence and skills you need to successfully direct and manage your own learning.

How should I prepare?

Before you come for tutoring, do the parts you can independently first.  You might surprise yourself with your abilitybut even if you can't get far, trying will still help you identify where you struggle most and what specific issues you would like a tutor to help you overcome.  This way, you can make the most of your time with the tutor.  Also remember to gather all of your supplies: your class assignment, textbooks, notes, paper, pencils, and anything else you may need.  Finally, to help you focus and to show respect for your tutor's time, please silence your phoneor if you must deal with an urgent matter mid-session, please excuse yourself and take care of calls and texting outside the tutoring area.

Tutoring Services

Want To Be a Tutor?

Academic Support Services provides opportunities for students to be hired and trained as tutors.  Students who are interested may fill out the application linked below and email it to Brad Fenwick at

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Testing & Assessment

The Rimmer Learning Resource Center provides career assessment for students and prospective students of Hutchinson Community College, during a scheduled appointment with a counselor.  The tests used most often are Myers-Briggs and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Assessment Guidelines and Retest Policy
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