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Welcome to Hutchinson Community College

Practical Nursing

Our full-time and part-time enrollment options are available in our McPherson location.  We provide support throughout your learning experience with an on-site counselor to help with personal and financial planning issues to ensure you are able to reach your dream of being a nurse.

Our students are able to learn with our high-fidelity simulators, which provide a realistic and life-like experience to enhance the educational environment.  Our students are also involved in a variety of activities in class and in the community to complement the program. These interactions provide additional opportunities for learning, and engagement, and foster a passion for caregiving that makes our graduates exceptional.

Nursing - Practical Nurse (LPN) Full-Time - CERT

Nursing - Practical Nurse (LPN) Part-Time - CERT

Retention Rates

2023 - 93.37%

2022 - 80.00%

2021 - 79.68%

Overall NCLEX Pass Rate

Our 2023 NCLEX-PN pass rate is 97.67%

Our 2022 NCLEX-PN pass rate is 87.23%

Our 2021 NCLEX-PN pass rate is 82.00%