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At HutchCC, there is so much to do: attend a lecture in the Dillon Lecture Series, visit the Kansas State Fair, go downtown to Third Thursday, watch HutchCC women's volleyball, or even find a student-led study group in the Rimmer Learning Center.

Clubs & Organizations

An endless variety of clubs and organizations are available on the HutchCC campus for students to become involved and engaged in. There really is something for everyone here at HutchCC, for students to feel they are a real part of campus life and gain the “real college experience.”

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HutchCC is a safe campus

Health & Safety

24-hour security is available on campus, to ensure you enjoy a safe place to live and learn. Our campus is prepared for every emergency, and we have a great working relationship with area law enforcement to call on in those times of need.

Dorm Application

If you are interested in reserving a spot in HutchCC Housing

for the 2024-2025 year, please begin by filling out the application. If you are having difficulties please call HutchCC Tech Support at 620-665-3524. Within completing your application, you will automatically receive an email with information on required immunization records, signing a dorm contract and the process for paying your deposit.

Your file will be complete in our office when your application is completed, a signed contract is in, your $200 deposit has been paid and your immunization records are received by our office.

Once your file is complete in our office, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Deadline date is June 1, 2024. **If you are in need of a summer contract please email us at to request one. You will still need to fill out a dorm application as well.**

Thank you for your interest in the HutchCC Residence Halls.

Link to Dorm Application


Residence Life 2024 - 2025

Elland Kent Suites Apartments
  • Elland Hall at HutchCC


    Elland Hall is a traditional residence hall that houses approximately 175 students with two students assigned to a room. Elland Hall has newly renovated community bathrooms.

    Semester Year
    Semester Year
    Single Occupancy
    $2087.50 $4175
    $1837.50 $3675
    Double Occupancy
    $1687.50 $3375
    $1837.50 $3675
  • Kent Hall at HutchCC


    Kent Hall is a traditional residence hall that houses close to 200 students, typically two students assigned to a room. Kent Hall recently had the community bathrooms renovated as well as the lobbies.

    Semester Year
    Semester Year
    Single Occupancy
    $2087.50 $4175
    $1837.50 $3675
    Double Occupancy
    $1687.50 $3375
    $1837.50 $3675
  • Elland Suites at HutchCC


    Elland Suites house 84 students with four students to a suite. These four students share a bathroom that conjoins their two rooms.

    Semester Year
    Semester Year
    Single Occupancy
    $2387.50 $4775
    $1837.50 $3675
    Double Occupancy
    $1987.50 $3975
    $1837.50 $3675
  • Apartments at HutchCC


    Apartment style residence hall that houses close to 50 students with four students typically assigned to an apartment. Each apartment has 2-bedrooms with a shared living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

    Semester Year
    Semester Year
    Single Occupancy
    No Data No Data
    $1837.50 $3675
    Double Occupancy
    No Data No Data
    $1837.50 $3675

Student Success Center

Committed to success for everyone, the Student Success Center at Hutchinson Community College is ready to help you succeed in your educational career. We have a caring staff that is prepared and trained in providing excellent academic support and available to counsel students in the academic and life skills needed to succeed at the collegiate level.

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Health & Safety

Wellness Facilities

There are a variety of ways to stay healthy and active at HutchCC. From our own Dragon Wellness Center (DWC), walking and running trails on the HutchCC Campus, to a partnership with the Hutchinson YMCA, we can keep you fit and strong.

The Dragon Wellness Center (DWC), located in the basement of the Richard and Jack Parker Student Union, is a state-of-the-art fitness center available to HutchCC Students.

Safety & Security

Safety is a top priority on the HutchCC Campus. A dedicated staff of professionals, including a full-time (non-sworn) security officer, helps ensure student safety on campus.

The HutchCC staff also works in tandem with the Hutchinson Police Department and Reno County Sheriff’s Office to provide the highest level of safety for students on campus. Security cameras and well-lit campus grounds also provide a sense of comfort.

More Information

Contact Information

1-888-GO-HUTCH ext. 3379

Campus Security Information

Student Activities


HutchCC has a great tradition of outstanding intercollegiate athletics. Numerous conference championships, bowl championships and national titles belong to the Blue Dragons.


Hutchinson has a variety of entertainment options, no matter how you define your needs. From several of the Wonders of Kansas, to some wonders out of this world, we can entertain you.

Student Involvement

With more than 80 different organizations on campus, there is something you can be involved in and feel passionate about. There are unlimited opportunities to be involved!

Dillon Lecture Series

Jeff Corwin, Henry Winkler, Mario Andretti, and Bill Snyder. Those are just a few of the more than 80 lecturers to come to the HutchCC campus as part of the Ray and Stella Dillon Lecture Series.

Connecting Education With Employment

  • Kuhn Krause, Inc. logo

    Kuhn Krause, Inc.

    Service Technician, Draftsman, Tool Draftsman

  • Commercial Mechanical Inc. logo

    Commercial Mechanical Inc.

    Positions: Service Technician

  • Hutchinson Clinic logo

    Hutchinson Clinic

    Positions: PC System Analyst

  • Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
    Kansas Law Enforcement Training

    Positions: Technology Support Technician

  • Superior Boiler Works

    Superior Boiler Works

    Positions: Code Welder, Draftsman

  • Clydesdale Frames Co.

    Clydesdale Frames Co.

    Positions: Project Manager, Senior Draftsman

  • Garber Surveying Service P.A.

    Garber Surveying Service P.A.

    Positions: Drafting Technician

  • Bartlett & West

    Bartlett & West

    Positions: Engineering Technician

  • MKEC Engineering Consultants, Inc.

    MKEC Engineering Consultants, Inc.

    Positions: CADD Technician

  • TSW Products Co., Inc.

    TSW Products Co., Inc.

    Positions: CNC Lathe Operator, CNC Mill Operator, Centerless Grinding Operator

  • kasa companies

    kasa companies

    Positions: Controls Engineer

  • Hanney & Associates Architects

    Hanney & Associates Architects

    Positions: Project Manager

  • Landoll Corporation

    Landoll Corporation

    Positions: Weld B+

  • Vortex


    Positions: Drafter

  • RedGuard


    Positions: Drafter & Designer

  • McPherson Concrete

    McPherson Concrete

    Positions: Draftsman

  • Sunflower


    Positions: Generation Technician II

  • Midwest Drywall

    Midwest Drywall

    Positions: Drafter

  • ICM Inc.

    ICM Inc.

    Positions: Designer