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Proctoring and Advising


A proctor is a person who oversees an exam to ensure academic integrity.  Many online courses at HutchCC require at least one test or essay to be taken with a proctor's supervision.  On the main campus, students may take their proctored exams in-person or remotely through RLRC. Note that RLRC Proctoring only proctors HutchCC exams. 

For non-HutchCC exams, including ACTs, inquire in RLRC Assessments by calling (620) 665-3359. HutchCC proudly serves as a certified testing center for the Kansas State High School Diploma (GED®). Official GED Test registration, scheduling, and payment must be completed through the official GED website (

Setting an Appointment with RLRC Proctoring: 

You must set an appointment for a proctored exam by calling (620) 728-8125 or emailing Emailing is preferred for a faster response. Proctor site staff will record your name, phone number, instructor, class, and name of the exam for the appointment. To receive an automated email with the main campus proctor's information, please email

You should check in at the front desk at the time of your appointment and will then be directed to a proctoring room. For remote testers, the link to join the session will be sent to your school email address. All students, regardless of their testing location, must bring a photo ID such as a Driver's License or HutchCC student ID, as well as their username & password for their DragonZone account.

Proctoring Hours

           Proctoring hours during the Spring and Fall sessions:
              Monday - Thursday
               8:00am - 3:00pm
               6:00pm - 7:00pm

           Proctoring hours during the Summer sessions:
              Monday - Thursday
               8:00am - 3:00pm

Not from the area?

See the Newton page or McPherson page for information about proctoring at those outreach campuses.  Alternately, use HutchCC's list of verified proctors or speak with your instructor. Once you have located and contacted a proctor, take the proctor quiz in your course so your instructor can accept or decline the proctor and send them information about the exam. 

Technology Notes

If you are interested in remote testing, You will need a laptop or a desktop with a webcam and microphone. Please be aware that chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, and ipads are not compatible.

Firefox and Chrome are the preferred and recommended browsers for LearningZone. If your proctoring site does not have one of these browsers installed, you might have technical issues with tests. Please make sure your proctor/proctoring site is aware of this.  

Academic Advising

Certain RLRC faculty members provide academic advising services for students.

What's an advisor?  Current and prospective students each have an academic advisor, chosen based on one's major or undecided status. Students can see who their advisor is by looking in DragonZone. Advisors help students plan their academic and vocational futures by clarifying assessment results, enrollment restrictions, course selection, degree options, and transfer information.

Contact Information

Front Desk
(620) 665-3449

Director of Rimmer Support Services