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RLRC Resources

Rimmer Learning Resource Center (RLRC) is designed to promote student success, retention, and graduation. Thus, it houses many essential services and resources for HutchCC students, free of charge, to help them reach their full potential in their academic endeavors.  We encourage students to take advantage of the center's resources:

  • Free drop-in tutoring for algebra and writing during all open hours, available face-to-face and by email--and for higher-level math, biology, psychology, A&P, and other subjects at specific times that vary each semester
  • Free tutoring by appointment for a wide variety of subjects—available face-to-face and by web conferencing
  • Academic advising
  • Test Proctoring
  • Wi-fi: Use the network named DragonZone.
  • One Mac computer for student use only.
  • Computer lab upstairs and downstairs with various common programs installed
  • Headphones at the front desk for those who forgot to bring their own
  • Tech Support is often available to resolve computer or printer problems on RLRC devices and personal devices.  (Other RLRC staff may also be able to answer simple questions.)
  • Free grayscale printing for all patrons—limit 10 pages per month for public patrons
  • Free color printing, copying, and scanning—for HutchCC courses and legal documents only
  • Faxing available downstairs for a small fee of $1 per page

HutchCC Students can also go online to LearningZone and do a course search for Tutor Services.  The course provides independent study resources, links to the tutor email and appointment request form, and more.

Use the contact info below if you have questions about our services or if we can help you in any other way.  See our building hours on Rimmer's home page.

Community Access

RLRC is open to the public. 

The community is welcome to visit Rimmer to make free personal use—but not business use—of our computers, wi-fi (accessed through the network DragonZone), library, tech support, and other resources.  They may also use our free drop-in tutoring labs for math and writing.  If we are busy, however, HutchCC students and faculty will have priority.

For a small fee, all patrons may use the copier and fax machine in the library downstairs.  Scanning and color printing are reserved for activities related to HutchCC courses.  However, we do offer limited free greyscale printing through our computers.  (We are not equipped for wireless printing from personal laptops.)  To print, public patrons will need to use a public ID number they can get from the front desk after presenting a photo ID.  Since Rimmer has limited funds to provide this free service, we ask public patrons to courteously limit their printed pages to around ten a month.

The basics of HutchCC's Acceptable Use Policy is visible on the desktop of all public PCs, and the full version is linked below.  This governs the computers' use, and failure to adhere to this policy may result in temporary or permanent loss of access. 

Acceptable Use Policy

Online Study Resources

This short list of resources may help current and prospective students with their studies and success at HutchCC.  However, we cannot guarantee that these external sites meet Accessibility standards.
HutchCC students can find many more resources in LearningZone through the public course Tutor Services.


How to Study * Critical ThinkingLearning and Study Methods
Online Course Readiness * * WordHippo * Read&Write Gold * OpenDyslexic Font
Test Anxiety * StudyGuideZone * Best Colleges: Blog for Student Success
Time Management Aid * Evernote * Doodle

MATH:   Khan Academy * Purple Math

COMPUTERS: Typing Tutorials and Practice * Microsoft Office Tutorials

The Purdue OWL: Advice for general and subject-specific writing, grammar, ESL, and research and citations (MLA, APA, and Chicago formats)
Plagiarism and Research Writing
Material for First-Year Writers * Scribendi: Writing Guide
Center for Online Ed: Writing Guide & Online Academic Research Guide 
Grammar Monster * Technical Writing Wiki * Dave's ESL Cafe

Contact Information

Front Desk
(620) 665-3449

Director of Rimmer Support Services