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Paying for College

Payment Plans

Broaden Your Scholarship Search

Many national organizations and corporations have scholarships available. Apply everywhere and anywhere that has available scholarship funds. Every little bit adds up. There is also a national scholarship listing that can give you more leads to follow.

Federal Student Aid Scholarship Search

Don't Pay for information you can get for FREE

Fee-based scholarship searches can cost up to $1000 and provide you with information that you will be able to find by doing your own research with the resources on this page!

Learn Fiscal Fitness to stretch your hard earned money

There are a number of way to improve your personal finance including everything from setting a budget, improving credit, to consider all your cost that can help you pay for college.

Personal College Finance 101

Grants and Aid can be in unexpected places.

Some companies offer tuition assistance to the children of employees. Parents and students should check with current employers to see there is any assistance available. You never know until you ask.

Leave your car at home

The dorms are just a short walk to your classes so see if there are other ways to get around. Cars cost more than just gas money. Don't forget about insurance, parking (and parking tickets!) and repair expenses. Walk, use public transportation, and/or ride a bike. You may also want to arrange a carpool with friends if public transportation isn't available.

RCAT - Reno County Area Transit

State & Federal Resource Links

  • Kansas Merit Based Scholarships
    Kansas Board of Regents directory listing of scholarship and grants
  • Student Aid on the Web
    Loan information, a FAFSA guide and a glossary of financial-aid terms from Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education.

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