Tomorrow's Science for You - Today!

The Natural Science and Mathematics Department at Hutchinson Community College is dedicated to your success.  Our department provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of math, biology, chemistry, and physics that will serve as a cornerstone for your future academic and career success. 

Our faculty have a passion for teaching, and are dedicated to excellence in student learning.  Over half of the faculty in our department have Ph.D. degrees in their disciplines.  Our outstanding faculty are primarily involved in the hands-on, day-to-day teaching, performing more than 95-percent of the instruction in both the classroom and lab.

You will learn in state-of-the art facilities, with labs dedicated to the specific disciplines in our three areas of study in the sciences.  Each lab is well equipped, and designed for learning and safety.  Our students have access to the latest in equipment used by professionals in the field, and we are constantly updating and enhancing that equipment with more than a half million dollars in grants for new equipment available to our instructors and students.

The HCC science department has an extraordinary group of teachers that want their students to learn and succeed. If I ever had questions or problems about the material, my teachers were always willing and there to help me. You can get a great quality education with a smaller classroom atmosphere.
~ VickiMyers