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Admissions at Hutchinson Community College


Finding Help Inside LearningZone

Online Education supports students and instructors in LearningZone (Powered by Canvas). We recommend contacting your instructor first when you are experiencing issues in your online course. If your instructor isn't able to help you then contact Online Education for assistance.

Contact Online Education if:

  • a test or assignment does not appear in your online course

  • you cannot locate something in your online class

  • there are problems with a test or quiz

  • you are unable to submit an assignment or participate in a discussion

  • for any other issues in your LearningZone course

How to contact Online Education

  • The best way to get help in your online course is to use the help button in your course. Select the help button and choose Report a Problem to send a help ticket directly to Online Education. Please submit the help ticket from the course and assignment you are experiencing difficulty with so we can provide immediate assistance.

  • Online Education can be contacted by email at or by calling 620-665-3332 during normal business hours.

Proctor Exams

Some online classes being offered by Hutchinson Community College may require that exams be proctored. There are several options to choose from when choosing a proctoring solution. HutchCC offers onsite proctoring at the Hutchinson, Newton, and McPherson campuses. To find out more about proctoring resources available please review the information on the Rimmer Learning Resource Center pages or search RLRC Proctor in the search window. 

If you cannot come to the HutchCC campus to meet this requirement, you are responsible for finding an appropriate individual to proctor your exam. To learn more about finding an appropriate proctor review the proctoring information.  Please plan ahead as most proctoring options require appointments and all options must be approved by your instructor.

RPNow is an online proctoring tool that may be made available by your instructor for use in your online classroom. Please contact your instructor with any questions regarding the availability of RPNow.

  • Locating a Proctor

    The approval of a proctor is up to the course instructor but one of the following individuals could be acceptable:

    • Principal, librarian, guidance counselor, or full-time instructor at another school or college.
    • Base commander or station education officer.
    • Public librarian

    The proctor will need to have a business e-mail and Internet access. Examination instructions will be sent to the proctor via e-mail.

    Any computer being used for a proctored exam must have Mozilla Firefox installed.

    For more information about the proctoring in your course contact the instructor of the course.

    For local *Hutchinson/Reno County area) appointments email or call 620-728-8125.

    The process for having a proctor approved is as follows:

    1. The student will contact a qualifying individual at the beginning of the semester complete the necessary paperwork or Proctor Quiz in the online course and submit it for approval to the instructor of the course.
    2. The proctor must agree to proctor the exam and follow the guidelines established for proctored exams.
    3. The student must furnish the course instructor with the name, position, business e-mail address, USPS address, and telephone number of the proposed proctor by using the "proctor quiz". The proctor quiz will be located in the online classroom.
    4. The course instructor will make the final determination of approval and contact approved proctors with course exam information.
    5. The approval must be in place before the first examination or paper.

    The student is responsible for any cost associated with mailing completed examinations or papers to the course instructor or proctoring fees.

    Paper examinations will be mailed directly to the proctor with specific instructions regarding time limits, resources allowed (i.e. dictionary or calculator), and supplies the student needs to bring to the proctored site. If the examination is done online, the proctor will be e-mailed any password that might be required.

  • State Authorization
    State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement SARA

    Hutchinson Community College (HutchCC) is working in cooperation with the Department of education and numerous state agencies to comply with the requirements of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA).

    HutchCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Kansas Board of Regents.  However, not all of our online students are residents of Kansas and we must comply with rules and regulations of their home states higher education governing bodies in order to offer classes in those states.  Through our NC-SARA approval we have agreed and been authorized to provide classes in any member state.  Click this link to see if your state is eligible. 

    To comply with federal regulations regarding state authorization for distance education, the Hutchinson Community College web site now clarifies the complaint process for students who reside strictly out-of-state. All students who wish to appeal a final course grade must follow the HutchCC Grade Appeal Process. Out of state students must also follow the HutchCC policies and process. If all other attempts at a resolution are exhausted students residing wholly out-of-state may file a formal unresolved complaint at their state-level if their state is not participating in SARA.

    Distance Learning Complaint Resolution for Out of State Students

    Hutchinson Community College is working in cooperation with the Department of Education and states' agencies to comply with required authorizations and requirements so that we can continue to provide educational access to students across the country. HutchCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. HutchCC is a SARA member.

    Authorizations by State for Hutchinson Community College

    Hutchinson Community College has sought and received authorization to offer distance education or where we are currently in the process of obtaining authorization. Full documentation for each state can be reviewed in Lockman Hall 106.

    Licensure information is reviewed and updated yearly.  Students who plan to pursue licensure outside of Kansas should be aware that state licensure requirements are subject to changes.  Students should always check with their state licensure board to confirm licensure requirements. 

    Authorization by State

    For all students

    Students who have a concern or complaint regarding Hutchinson Community College online course should address them by following the steps in this order:

    1. Contact course instructor.
    2. Contact Department Chairperson for the discipline in which you have a concern.
    3. Contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

    Hutchinson Community College desires to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner. If a timely response from anyone above is not received, please contact

    Complaint Resolution Process

    In compliance with the language passed in the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) conducted a Negotiated Rule Making Process in 2010, institutions offering distance education must provide enrolled and prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting agency and with the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in the student's state.Students must follow the steps above and if an issue cannot be resolved internally, students may file a complaint with your state.

    Unresolved student concerns regarding programs authorized through SARA may be directed to the state portal agency. Students can find the SARA complaint procedure at this link: