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Pre-Arrival Information

Before you leave your home country make arrangements for the following:

We are happy that you have decided to join us at Hutchinson Community College. Students from numerous countries such as Japan, Brazil, Bosnia, Australia, and Germany have chosen to study at Hutchinson Community College and play an integral role in both the intellectual and cultural life of our campus. This information is designed to help you prepare for your trip to Kansas. Please read the following information carefully. Always feel free to contact the International Advisor at if you have more questions.

Pre-arrival- Upon arrival


Entry to the U.S. is limited to thirty (30) days before the report date listed on the I-20, regardless of the visa issue date. All international students must report to the HutchCC International Advisor within fifteen (15) days of their report date listed on their I-20. Please bring your I-20, passport, visa, I-94, and/or any other documents that verify your immigration status. Your immigration documents will be copied and reviewed to verify your status and your contact information will be updated in the SEVIS system. The International Advisor will assist you in completing the HutchCC General Application and the enrollment process. The International Advisor is located in the Rimmer Learning Resource Center, first floor. HutchCC must report students to the U.S. Government who do not check-in with the International Advisor and/or who do not enroll full-time at HutchCC.


All F-1 students are required to be enrolled in a full course of study each regular term. Failure to do so will cause you to be in violation of your immigration status. Generally speaking, full-time enrollment during the Fall and Spring semesters for students is 12 credit hours each semester. Enrollment during the summer term is required only if it is your initial or final semester. It is very important that you do not reduce your enrollment less than full-time or withdraw from your classes without first getting approval from the International Advisor.

Things to consider


Kansas is located at the center of the U.S. and has four distinct seasons. At the time of your arrival in August, it will be summer. The temperatures in the summer, June-September, usually range from 89°F to 96°F (32°C to 36°C). It will become cooler in the fall, September-November. Winter, December-March, daytime temperatures are usually between 23°F and 40°F (-5°C to 4°C). You should plan your wardrobe for changing seasons, but clothes may be purchased upon arrival.


The electrical current used for small appliances in the U.S. is 100-115 volts, 60 cycles. Adapters may be needed for some of your appliances.


You should bring enough money to cover your first month's expenses and your first semester's tuition, books, and the expense of setting up your housing arrangements. (Note: If you were required to make a $1500.00 deposit before your I-20 was issued it will only cover the cost of tuition for 12 credit hours.) Do not underestimate the amount of money needed. Do not carry a large amount of cash. Bring your money in the form of traveler's checks or obtain a bank card to withdraw cash from an automatic teller machine (ATM). You may choose to have the balance of the money you will need electronically wired to a local bank in the United States after your arrival; the International Advisor can recommend a bank upon your arrival.


If you need to send some of your belongings to Kansas in advance, you may address the package to our office (see example address). We will hold any mail or packages sent to you until you arrive to pick it/them up.

Example address:

     Hutchinson Community College
     c/o International Advisor
     1300 N Plum
     Hutchinson KS 67501


The Reno County Area Transit (RCAT) bus runs a fixed route throughout Hutchinson. The RCAT is a clean and safe means of transportation but the travel time can be lengthy and the routes are fixed and may not be convenient or close to your destination. The routes will take you to downtown Hutchinson, to medical facilities, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc.  See the brochure for times and cost: RCAT brochure

Financial Resources

Immigration regulations require non-immigrant international students to verify that they will have funds, in the amount of at least $13,000 USD, available to pay for the estimated cost for an academic year.  Support must be documented  using the HutchCC Financial Resources Verification Form.  The student and sponsor must complete the HutchCC Financial Resources Verification form and request the appropriate financial institution send a verification letter directly to HutchCC.  The completed form and bank letter must be received by the application deadline and approved before an I-20 will be issued.  Applicants may not rely on expectations of employment to supplement funds from home.

The estimated breakdown of $13,000:

Tuition and Fees:  $4980 per year ($166 per credit hour, 15 hours per semester)

Housing and Meal plan: $6200 per year (based on traditional room)

Miscellaneous expenses: $1820 per year estimate

This estimate only includes fall and spring semester totals and does not include the summer.

Advisor information

Course of study requirements:

  • International students must be enrolled in and complete at least 12 credit hours per academic term excluding summer.
  • No more than one online/distance education class or 3 credits per semester may be counted towards the full course of study requirement.
  • Receive permission from the International Advisor before reducing course load, withdrawing from classes, or withdrawing from HutchCC.
  • Successful completion of the full course of study must lead to the attainment of a specific educational or professional objective.
  • First-time, full-time international students must enroll in the Orientation/Success Seminar class taught by the International Advisor.
  • International students must notify the HutchCC International Advisor, during their final semester, their intent to transfer to another institution.

Work requirements/restrictions:

  • International students are generally permitted to work part-time on the premises of the school that issued their currently valid I-20. They are limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session; they can be employed full-time on campus during official school breaks.
  • International students may not work off-campus without permission by the BCIS (Bureau of Citizen and Immigration Services)
  • Other requirements:
  • Report any change of address to the International Advisor at within 10 days of the change.

English Language Proficiency

TOEFL scores are accepted to demonstrate a proficiency in English.  A minimum TOEFL score of 500 on the paper-based test, 173 on the computer-based test, or 61 on the internet-based test is required of all international student applicants whose primary language is not English.  The results must be less than two years old at the expected date of enrollment at HutchCC.  TOEFL scores must be submitted directly to HutchCC from ETS.  Scores may be sent several ways, see the ETS TOEFL website for options.  HutchCC's TOEFL codes are: 6281 Department Code: 00. 

An applicant may have the TOEFL requirement waived if he or she has studied at a U.S. high school for at least one year, completed 12 credits or more at a U.S. college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, or have submitted an official transcript showing completion of an English course with a "C" or better, evaluated by the HutchCC Fine Arts and Humanities Department, equivalent to HutchCC's EN098, Basic English, from an accredited U.S. college or university. 

The TOEFL requirement may be waived if the applicant is from a country whose official/primary language is English as indicated on the CIA The World Factbook web page.

International students enrolled in an Intensive English Program must show a certificate of completion to be considered for transfer to HutchCC instead of submitting a TOEFL score.

Contact Information