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Name Email Title Phone Department Location
ANITA BIEL Send Email Director Of Accounting Services 620-665-3513 Business Office PSU-BO
JULIE BLANTON Send Email Vice President Of Finance And Operations 620-665-3595 Business Office, Finance & Operations PSU-BO
TAMI COOK Send Email Student Billing System Clerk 620-665-3509 Business Office PSU-BO
RHONDA KRETZER Send Email Student Billing System/Fiscal System Clerk 620-665-3312 Business Office PSU-BO
KAREN LINN Send Email Grant Compliance Manager 620-694-2470 Business Office, Finance & Operations PSU-BO
LETTY LISCO Send Email Accounts Payable Clerk 620-665-3423 Business Office PSU-BO
TRU OR TRUDEE LITTLE Send Email Administrative Assistant To The Vp 620-665-3364 Business Office, Finance & Operations PSU-BO
TONI SMARSH Send Email Accounting Specialist 620-665-3422 Business Office
TRINA STUM Send Email Cashier 620-665-3405 Business Office Business
KARLA TAYLOR Send Email Accountant 620-665-3300 Business Office PSU-BO
JANELLE VOTH Send Email Business Office Clerk 620-665-3515 Business Office PSU-MR