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  • Theory of Basketball - PE103

    Course Description:  Systems of offense and defense, individual and team strategy, history and current rules.

  • Theory of Baseball - PE116

    Course Description:  Descriptions of the theories of baseball, including the history and development, methods of teaching fundamentals, individual and team offense and defense, various styles of play and methods of coaching.

  • Fitness for Life - PE173

    Course Description:  Concept of wellness as it relates to being fit in body, mind and spirit; instruction in heart rate measurement, body fat and lifestyle profile; discussion of major components of a healthy life.

  • Introduction to Philosophy - PL101

    Course Description:  Origin and development of significant concepts that have influenced modern man's ideological heritage.

  • Ethics - PL104

    Course Description:  The dynamics of moral decision-making with consideration of major ethical systems and their philosophical foundations.

  • Death and Dying - PL105

    Course Description:  Philosophical, religious and personal consideration with focus on the dying process, feelings of dying individuals, legal regulations and cultural-religious customs.

  • General Psychology - PS100

    Course Description:  A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

  • Human Relations - PS101

    Course Description:  Psychological principles applied to everyday living with an emphasis on self-understanding and on building successful relationships.

  • Human Growth and Development - PS102

    Course Description:  A survey of the theories of and current research into the psychological development of individuals from birth to death focusing on the progressive changes experienced in the physical, cognitive and social-emotional domains of life.

  • Public Speaking - SH101

    Course Description:  Principles and practices of oral communication that will help the student develop skills in communication and acquire an understanding of oral communication as a vital human skill and activity.

    • Sections:

      SH101 836221S       Online Limited
        • WHEN
        • Days: Arranged
        • Times: Arranged
        • Start Date: 12/05/2022
        • End Date: 12/30/2022
        • WHERE
        • Online
        • INSTRUCTOR
        • Stacey Blakemore

      Section Type:  Lecture

      Credit Hours:  3.00

      Section Notes:  Students must be able to construct and give various speeches to a live audience of at least five adults and record and upload their speeches.
  • Interpersonal Communication - SH210

    Course Description:  This course involves the study of communication in human relationships with emphasis on the patterns and processes of face-to-face communication. The study of interpersonal communication is important for anyone who wants to learn better methods of building meaningful relationships with a spouse, colleague, supervisor or friend. The course stresses how to become a more effective and competent communicator by its analysis of personal communication goals, communication barriers, relational breakdowns, and conflict scenarios. Features include structural experiences, readings from special studies, group interaction, and personal feedback exercises. Written and oral presentations are fundamental to the course objectives.

  • Fundamentals of Sociology - SO100

    Course Description:  Development and interaction of the individual in society with consideration of the culture, structures, functions of societies, social groups and institutions with emphasis on social interaction and its relation to personality and human action.

  • Stress Management - SO103

    Course Description:  Recognizing and alleviating stress. Identifying and gaining control of factors that contribute to how a person handles stressful situations.

  • Assertiveness Training - SO104

    Course Description:  Recognizing aggressive behavior and developing assertiveness to effectively communicate with others.

  • Cultural Anthropology - SO111

    Course Description:  Anthropological approach to the study of past and present human societies.

  • Clinical I - ST112

    Course Description:  Clinical component in the surgical environment.