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Criminal justice encompasses all the ways in which our government protects individuals from crime: by maintaining order, deterring crime, and bringing those who commit crime to justice. This includes public institutions such as the police force, the court system, and corrections.  This Criminal Justice program will prepare you for any number of entry-level jobs in local, state, and federal agencies.

Criminal justice careers give you the ability to play to your strengths and use your specific skills for a greater good, whether through helping victims of crime as a victims' advocate, helping to counsel and rehabilitate convicted criminals as a forensic psychologist, or overseeing the progress of a parolee or probationer as a probation, parole or community control officer.  Job Stability.
Program Options

This program meets the needs of a diverse student population by offering three different degree options. Our degrees will prepare you for a job in criminal justice, as well as prepare you to further advance your education.

Criminal Justice Administration - AAS

Criminal Justice Administration - AS

Criminal Justice Administration - AA

Criminal Justice System

Criminal justice is a wide-ranging field that includes many different categories of work, requiring a variety of skills. These categories include law enforcement, courts and corrections.

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Brief Explanation

This program is designed to prepare students interested in careers in criminal justice. Criminal justice is a broad field with professionals serving as law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers, correctional officers, correctional counselors, and other specialties at local, state and federal levels.