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Appeal after Dismissal - Reinstatement Policy; Reinstatement Process

Policy Number: 1019

The Reinstatement Committee shall consist of membership from the following areas, faculty and counseling services. At least 2 faculty members and one counselor must be present for a quorum. Off campus sites may have a committee made of the director, site coordinator and/or an advisor for non-native students.

Reinstatement petitions must be accompanied by all transcripts from post-secondary institutions other than HCC. These petitions must be received by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs or the off-campus site five business days prior to the first official day of classes. Generally, petitions will not be considered complete unless all of the above mentioned parameters are met.

If the committee is considering readmission without a term of nonattendance for employer-required courses for a student who has been academically dismissed more than once, a signed letter from the employer on company letter head must accompany the reinstatement petition. Those students readmitted under this exemption will be left on denial in the system and the Records Office will override their enrollment.

The office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs will compile all valid reinstatement requests and related transcripts and documentation. In addition, that office will assemble the reinstatement committee for review of those applications.

A student is expected to attend his/her reinstatement hearing. In extenuating circumstances, the appearance can be waived.

All reinstated students are readmitted to Hutchinson Community College on academic probation. Satisfactory progress and adherence to the parameters set by the reinstatement committee are required for continued admission. The committee may set up parameters such as counseling sessions, meetings with advisors, limited hours, etc.

Appeals to the reinstatement committee's decision are heard by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The appeal hearing will consist of the Vice President reviewing the original written petition and transcripts, the written appeal and committee's decision. Decisions of the Vice President of Academic Affairs are final. The Vice President's office will contact the student within two business days and copy the records office via written correspondence with the decision.

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