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Reinstatement Policy

Policy Number: 1018

First Dismissal:

Students who wish to be considered for reinstatement to Hutchinson Community College (HCC) following their dismissal must submit a completed petition to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. (See procedures below for form and other needed information.) 

Multiple Dismissals:

Students who have been dismissed from Hutchinson Community College one or more times prior to the current dismissal  at any time in their academic career must wait at least one semester after the academic dismissal from HCC before they can be considered for reinstatement. 

Employer-mandated Reinstatement:

The committee will consider readmission without a semester of nonattendance for employer-mandated courses.  If the student has multiple dismissals and complies with the process below, he/she may be readmitted under this exemption, but will be left on denial in the system.  The Records Office will override the enrollment.

Dismissed Students returning after 3 years:

Students dismissed from HCC three or more years prior without subsequent attendance at HCC will follow the regular admission process, be readmitted on academic probation and assigned a reinstatement advisor.

Dismissal from another institution:

Degree seeking students who have been dismissed from another academic institution within the last semester and would like to enroll at HCC must also follow the reinstatement petition procedures outlined below. (See procedures below for form and other needed information.)

Reinstated Students:

All reinstated students are readmitted to HCC on academic probation.  Satisfactory academic progress and adherence to the academic improvement plan approved by the reinstatement committee are required for continued admission. 

The committee will evaluate the student’s academic improvement plan (see procedures below) and may set up other requirements such as counseling sessions, meetings with their assigned reinstatement advisor, limited credit hour  load, etc.

Students permitted to re-enroll after academic dismissal must follow the conditions set by the Reinstatement Committee or Vice President of Academic Affairs.  If the stipulations are not followed, the student will be placed on academic dismissal immediately and administratively withdrawn from all courses for the semester in which he/she is currently enrolled with a grade of F. 


Within three business days (a business day is defined as a day that the college is open for business) of notification of the committee’s decision, the student may appeal by written request.  Requests for appeal should be returned to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs either in person, by fax, by email or postmarked by that day.  If an appeal is not received by the college within the time period stated above, the student will be deemed to have waived the right of appeal and the standing decision will be deemed final.

The letter of appeal must state that the student is appealing the denial of reinstatement or the prescribed parameters of reinstatement, the grounds for appeal and the requested outcome.  Appeals may be made on the following grounds:

  1. The finding of facts contained in the decision included inaccurate information.
  2. Evidence not offered earlier is now available.  The reason why evidence was not offered earlier should be stated.
  3. The action imposed is excessive or inappropriate.  Such grounds must be supported by rational, persuasive statements.


Appeals are reviewed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The appeal hearing will consist of the Vice President reviewing relevant materials from the reinstatement hearing.  The decision of the reinstatement appeal process is final.  The Vice President may set up additional parameters such as counseling sessions, meeting with a reinstatement advisor, limited credit hour load, etc.  The Vice President’s office will mail the appeal hearing ruling to the student’s legal address within two business days and send a copy to the Records Office.



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