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Credit For Work Experience

Policy Number: 1009

Disclaimer: The purpose of Credit for Work Experience (CWE) is to recognize significant technical training and competency attainment that adults have previously mastered through their employment in a technical field, and to award college credit for the competencies attained. Departments will decide which, if any, of their courses qualify for CWE. CWE at HCC may not transfer to other post-secondary institutions. HCC does not accept credit awarded for work experience from other post-secondary institutions.

Award of College Credits: Students may receive a maximum of six (6) credit hours towards the completion of a Technical Certificate or a total of twelve (12) credit hours towards an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. CWE must be compatible with courses meeting certificate or AAS degree requirements.

Application Process: To apply for CWE, the student must submit the approved HCC Credit for Work Experience form  to employer(s). The form outlines the length of employment, job duties, and technical competencies attained that justify the HCC course(s) to be waived and credit to be transcripted. The form must be signed by an authorized representative from the student's previous/current employer(s). The respective HCC department chair will propose the credit to be awarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval.

Transcription of Credit: HCC will use a minimum of 250:1 ratio for the transcription of work experience hours completed to credit hours earned. HCC Departments reserve the right to exceed this minimum ratio. The recommended credit will be transcripted as a grade of CR following the student's completion of eight (8) credit hours at HCC with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Required Approvals:

  1. The student must sign the Credit for Work Experience Application Form and complete any other documentation as required by the department.
  2. A qualified representative of the employer must sign the employment verification section of the Credit for Work Experience Form.
  3. The Department Chair and the Vice President of Academic Affairs must sign the form verifying the credit hours to be awarded.
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