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Hutchinson Community College offers over 250 online classes.  It is possible to complete an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science degree, or specialty certificate online at HutchCC. 

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Includes 4-6-8 Week Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses range from 4-6-8-weeks and can be completed before, between, or after traditional semester start dates. They are also a great option for summer. Accelerated courses expedite your learning journey. Review all the online courses and certificates available to get started today.

Readiness Quiz

Assess your readiness for completing online courses with the following questions to ensure a successful online learning experience. Answer each question choosing the response that best reflects your situation.

Search for an Online Associate Degree or Certification

A degree from HutchCC could be a great way to further your education and pursue your career goals. Search a complete list of associate degrees, and certificates you can earn entirely online.

Apply & Enroll

Once you have completed the HutchCC online application you will receive an email confirming your status and login credentials to DragonZone. Once you log into DragonZone you'll find more information to finish the enrollment process.

Finding Help Inside LearningZone

Visit our support page to learn why and how to get help inside LearningZone our online learning management system for HutchCC.

Online Learning vs Traditional

Online learning and traditional classroom learning differ in several ways, and each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.