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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What should I do if I can't meet an assignment deadline?

    One of the best things about taking an online class is the flexibility of being able to study on your own schedule. Deadlines are set for online classes to keep you, the student, on track to finish the course on time. However, there are always times in life that you may hit a curve in the road, and it may be impossible for you to get an assignment turned in on time. In this case, your best plan of action is to email the instructor, let her know the reason you cannot meet the deadline, and give a specific date (no later than three days) when you will turn in the assignment. If you neglect to communicate your issues to the instructor, it may result in your assignment not being accepted at a later date.

  • How important is communication in an online class?

    Communication is the most important aspect of an online class. Because you do not meet in a face-to-face environment, the only way to get your questions answered or to share your thoughts with the class is through course mail and discussion board communication. 

    Course mailing your instructor is of the utmost importance, since it is the only way your instructor will know if you are struggling with an assignment or are having problems keeping up with the course schedule.

    The discussion board is a great way to share your views on a subject with the rest of the class. Just as you would participate in an active discussion in a classroom, the discussion board allows you to do the same thing in an online environment.

  • How do I post to the discussion board?

    If there are discussion boards available, they will be located within the course modules.

    To add a post, click on the Reply bar directly under the discussion question written by the instructor. A text box will appear. Compose your message in the text box and click the Post Reply button.

    You can reply to other students' posts by clicking the "Reply" button directly underneath each classmate's posts.

  • What is the etiquette of the discussion board?

    Discussion Board etiquette is no different than classroom etiquette. In other words, treat your classmates with respect, period.

    To allow for orderly learning and discourse, students are to follow the rules of online courtesy, including refraining from use of sexist, racist, off-color, or demeaning language or behavior, sometimes referred to as "flaming." This is a college course and student vocabulary and word choice should be appropriate to a college classroom. Students will stay on-topic, handling non-class related matters over off-line posts.

  • How are discussions graded?

    In order to get full points for a discussion board, you must follow the directions from your instructor. Sometimes, it is required to post one original comment and reply to two of your classmates' postings. That is a total of three times you need to post per discussion item.

    Discussion points are awarded based on the class grading scale and department policies. Sometimes, they are required and sometimes they are graded. Depending on your instructor, your individual postings may also be awarded points based on your input into the conversation. Frequently, if you simply state "I agree" or something equally as short and non-instructive, this will not receive as many points as a well thought out response that adds to the discussion postings.

    While you may think discussion points are not as important as other assignments, this is untrue. Discussion points can either make your grade or break your grade (should you fail to participate in the discussions). In other words, final grades may be lowered by as much as two letter grades from non-participation. Discussion is an important percentage of online courses so participate wholeheartedly.

  • How often do I need to check the discussion board?

    You should be logging on to the discussion board throughout the week of the current discussion. It is extremely important that you stay on schedule with your discussion board postings. It does not do any good for you to reply to a classmate who has already moved on to the next discussion board topic - or the next week of assignments for that matter. In the same respect, if you post to a discussion late, no one will get to read your insightful posting, so post early and post often.

    Some courses require a first post by a certain day of the week. Many courses will have a "post first" which means you must make your first post before seeing classmate posts.

  • How do I send an email to the instructor?

    Click the Inbox button in the Canvas (LearningZone) global navigation menu, which is the blue vertical bar located on the left side of the screen. To compose a new message, click on the button showing a box and pencil in the top-center area of the screen. Select your course and then browse for your instructor by typing his/her name or by clicking on the people icon at the far right of the To line. Once you have filled in the Subject line and the message area, click the Send button.


  • How do I send an attachment via Canvas course email?

    In the bottom left corner of the box in which you are composing a Canvas message, you will see a paperclip icon that allows you to add an attachment. Click the paperclip button and select the file you wish to attach. When the file has been successfully attached, you will see the file name in the bottom portion of the Canvas message box. When you are finished composing your message and adding attachments, click Send.

  • How do I check my grade?

    On the Course Homepage, click the "Grades" area. This will allow you to view your grade statistics

    Please let the instructor know if you have a grade missing that you believe should be there or if there is a grade you feel is posted incorrectly.

  • When will I know my final grade for the course?

    Final grades must be posted to Records shortly after the semester ends. Students will see their final grades in DragonZone at least a week after the course ending date.

  • How do I take an exam or quiz in Canvas (LearningZone)?

    Quizzes and exams are located within the course modules. They can be easily identified by the green circle with a white Q in it. These icons are located to the immediate left of the assignment names.

  • When I finished an exam, it did not automatically post my grade. Why?

    Exams or quizzes that do not have essay questions will automatically post a grade as soon as you submit your answers. However, exams that include essay questions must be graded by the instructor before a grade is posted to the system. This allows the instructor to read your answers to the essay questions and award points based on the validity and thoroughness of your answers.

    If you would like your exam graded (that has essay questions) in an expedient manner, you need to let the instructor know that you have completed the exam. The system does not automatically notify the instructor that there is an exam to grade

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