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LPN to RN OBP Admission

Official Admission to HCC

Graduates of an accredited high school or the equivalent are eligible for admission to HutchCC.  Students who do not meet college entrance requirements may enroll with special permission.

HCC Admission Procedures

Program Admission Procedures


Persons who are not accepted into a class may reapply as early as March 1, by resubmitting an application and transcript of additional courses taken.  For students who have completed the prerequisites, consideration will be given to their most recent 11 hours within the curriculum (admission criteria of 2.75 or higher GPA must be met).  Grades must be "C" or higher in any course, and students overall GPA must be 2.0 or higher.


Criminal Background Checks/Drug Screens

All students admitted to the nursing program will be required to submit to a complete background check.  The cost of the background check is the applicant's responsibility.  Contact our office with specific questions.

Selection Criteria

Each phase of the admission process will be evaluated according to the point system.  A sample of the scoring sheet will be available upon request.  Applicants will be rank ordered based upon the total points received.

Waiting List

Students on the waiting list must continue to meet all admission criteria to be able to fill vacancies if they become available.