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Course Placement

In order to start you on a path of academic success, Hutchinson Community College (in accordance with Kansas Board of Regents policy) uses standardized test scores to place students into the appropriate Math and English courses. HCC both provides and accepts the following tests to help meet this requirement: the ACT Exam, Compass (Reading, Writing, &/or Math--Starting in Prealgebra), ASSET (Reading &/or Writing), and Accuplacer (Elementary Algebra).

Course Placement Score Qualifications

To schedule a Compass, ASSET, or Accuplacer placement test contact the Testing Center (620-665-3359). If you have taken any of these tests within the last three years and have completed an application to attend HCC, you may have your scores forwarded to HCC's Coordinator of Assessment Services (Fax: "ATTN: Assessment Services", 620-728-8155). For questions or concerns regarding placement testing, please contact the HCC Testing Center (620-665-3359).

Advance Placement Testing

Hutchinson Community College is pleased to proctor CLEP® (College Level Exam Program) tests.  These computer-based tests provide students the opportunity to earn college credit by achieving a minimum score of 50 on a course specific exam.  Although CLEP credit is commonly accepted by numerous post-secondary institutions, always be sure to check with your college of choice as to which tests are accepted.  Students seeking to take a CLEP® test will be charged an $80.00 test fee (which must be paid via credit/debit card the day of the testing appointment) as well as a separate $15.00 proctoring fee. For details or to schedule a CLEP® test please contact 620-665-3359.

Skills Certification Assessment

  • HCC's Testing Center(s) offer skill certification assessments through the following testing companies and programs:
  • Pearson-VUE (Main Campus only)
  • Host-Kyterion (Main Campus only)

Skill Certification Assessment

Career Decision Making

Student Success Center provides career assessment for students and prospective students of Hutchinson Community College.  Tests used most often are Skills One and Myers-Briggs. Career assessments are scheduled after an appointment with a counselor in the Student Success Center.

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