"We Care - We Care How You Live"

The Social Science Department at Hutchinson Community College embraces diversity and encourages students to challenge their minds and mindsets every day.
A variety of interactive Social Science Forums bring current topics to campus for discussion and debate, encouraging students to think beyond the box and beyond the borders of their culture and upbringing.  Yearly economic and political forums bring speakers who are experts in their fields to campus to engage with students in one-on-one conversations and debates.
You will learn from well-educated instructors, with over half of our faculty holding doctoral degrees.  Our staff reflect our commitment to diversity, with a variety of educational institutions, cultures and backgrounds brought to the table by our faculty members.  There are a variety of topical courses to explore events occurring in the world.
As a person who is interested in Human Growth and Development, the classes I have taken in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Relations are proving to be very beneficial in achieving my goal to help others. I have a deeper understanding of people and I'm now able to apply what I have learned to my daily life and experiences with others.
~ Elizabeth Delventhal