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Scenario Based Education

From our large scale, statewide Paramedic Field Operations to our individual lab sessions, students experience scenario-based education that helps them critically think about patient care, scene safety and career longevity.  HutchCC EMS is about more than just certification, we are about student success in the real world. 

EMS Students carrying an injured person
Equipment and Facilities

HutchCC EMS Education is a program that is dedicated to providing all the actual equipment a student will use in their career in EMS.  From the smallest disposable items to various kinds of large diagnostic tools to high-fidelity simulation manikins to an actual fleet of working ambulances, students are given access to learn and perform with the very best. 

Our budget supports the concept that less educational shortcuts is equal to more skill and success in the real word. 

Faculty & Staff

Hands down, our success is contributed to the multitude of highly experienced full-time and part-time faculty and staff members utilized by HutchCC EMS Education.  All of these individuals have been successful in their own right by managing the sick and injured for various EMS, Fire and other public safety entities. 

Combined years of service is well into the thousand year range with patient care numbers estimated to be more than ten to twenty thousand plus range.  Additionally, HutchCC has been offering EMS Education for nearly twenty-five years and is well known for it's involvement in local, state and national EMS activities and issues.


EMS student loading a person into an ambulance