Serving HCC students

The Language, Literature and Communication Department at Hutchinson Community College commits to providing critical components of written and verbal communication in today's world.  Our highly-credentialed faculty includes experienced and published writers, poets, as well as literary and journalistic practitioners who bring their knowledge and expertise to you, the student.

The instructors offer unique class experiences, with course offerings ranging from Fairy Tales in Modern Society to Medieval Literature and much more.  Full-time instructors have at least one--or more--master's degrees in their respective disciplines that are being taught, with many of these instructors having earned up to sixty graduate hours above their first master's degrees.

HCC's Journalism Program features instructors who prepared and learned by working in the news fields and were successful journalists themselves before they returned to the classroom to train future news gatherers and researchers.  Our newspaper, The Collegian, is a consistently award-winning publication that his highly respected by other institutions of higher education.  And our magazine, The Dragon's Tale, also is well-recognized with multiple awards each year, earning the coveted All-Kansas award--first in the state of all the nineteen community colleges in Kansas--in the spring of 2011.

The English Program provides opportunities for creative writing students to contribute to its literary magazine--The Tulgey Wood--as well as two collaborative publications of the creative writing students and HCC's art students--Ekphrasis, and Memesis.

The Foreign Language Program sponsors several events during the year to provide insight into different cultures related to the three foreign languages taught each semester: Spanish, French, and German.

Moreover, this department offers the latest equipment for our students to learn and work on, including computers and camera equipment used by the professionals in the field.

                                                                                            Trudy Zimmerman
                                                                                            LLC Dept. Chair and English Instructor


The LLC Department at HCC is made up of engaging classes and creative instructors. These instructors provide a thorough treatment of the material while being more than willing to give personal guidance to each student. They are interested in you personally and interested in discussing research you have found.
~ Ester Swartzentruber