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Top 10 Reasons to Attend HutchCC

#10 A Beautiful Campus Many community colleges are "colleges of the half-empty strip mall." Not HutchCC. You'll find vast green spaces, beautifully landscaped walkways and plazas, and modern buildings with great learning spaces, gathering places and friendly faces around every corner. Our campus has won numerous awards for its beauty, and our staff takes pride in the upkeep of every area.


#9 Not Too Big, Not Too SmallAs Goldilocks said, we're just right. With a city of just over 40,000 people, Hutchinson is small enough to give you a hometown feel. People here know each other by first name, and are ready to help you feel like you belong. But, this isn't a boring little town. There are world-class museums, outstanding attractions, and a thriving art and music scene to keep you excited and engaged. And yes, we're home to two of the 8 wonders of Kansas!


#8 A "Real" College Experience Yes, we know. You might think that "community" college is for those who can't make it at a "real school." But, you'll find we're real, very real. We have a thriving campus life here at HutchCC, with activities, organizations and events that will keep you busy, and involved. You can be a part of it all, as you try new things and meet new people. We want you to be involved with every aspect of campus, and give you that "real" experience, just like you'll find at the bigger (and more expensive) colleges.


#7 We Like to WinAs a member of the Jayhawk Athletic Conference, Hutchinson Community College consistently fields some of the top athletic teams in the nation. Year after year, our 13 athletic teams, ranging from football to golf, volleyball to track, compete at the highest levels and distinguish themselves, and HutchCC, as winners, no matter what the sport.


#6 Take It With You Our academic programs are recognized as some of the best in the state, and we prepare our graduates for further higher education, or to enter the workforce with the best of them. Our transfer students have no problem taking their credits with them to other institutions, and, often, they outperform those students who started at that institution in the classroom, as better prepared and educated learners. For those who choose, you can enter the workforce immediately after graduation, and find that you are an employee in demand. Our technical programs are advised by industry members, who ensure that you receive the latest education that puts you to the top of the resume pile.


#5 Part of the TraditionAs an HutchCC graduate, you'll join an elite group of nearly 90,000 fellow alumni that have gone on to distinguish themselves throughout the state and world. We have business giants, inventors, innovators, artists and pioneers that are proud to say they are Blue Dragons. And, our graduates will tell you; this is the place to be. More than 95% of our students would recommend HutchCC to their friends. There aren't too many institutions that can say that.


#4 We're Cheap Well, not really. But, seriously, HutchCC is one of the most affordable educational options in the state. We have a reasonable tuition structure, that doesn't hide the costs in tons of hidden fee charges later on. HutchCC also has a robust scholarship program, with nearly 75% of our students receiving some type of financial aid to make college more affordable. Why spend more, when you don't have to?


#3 Close to Home Centrally located in South Central Kansas, HutchCC allows you to leave home, without leaving home. From here, you can be nearly anywhere in Kansas in under four hours, and reach Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska in a reasonable road trip. It's perfect for taking all that dirty laundry home to mom on the weekend. We're just 45 minutes from Wichita, the largest city in the state, so you can get a big city shopping fix or catch the latest cultural events in the time it would take you to cross campus at other schools.


#2 Anywhere, AnytimeWe're flexible. You can take classes from HutchCC here in Hutchinson, but if that doesn't work for you, we have satellite locations in Newton and McPherson. Still not flexible enough for you? Then, try our online options, which allow you to be a student at any time. You can take class at 6 a.m, or 6 p.m., it's up to you, but we'll be ready when you are.


#1 True Blue Excellence Since 1928, HutchCC has been an example of excellence in education. And, we've had more than 80 years to perfect it into True Blue Excellence. What's keeping you... come see what we mean. Schedule your campus visit today.

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