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HCC Efforts to Benefit the Community

Hutchinson Community College located in Reno county, has evolved over the past 80 years from a traditional junior college at its establishment, to a full-service two-year community college / vocational school.

Our impact to the community can be conveyed through a number of different benefits, list below are a highlighted few:

  • Economic Output Impact - $119,217,754 *
  • Employment Impact - 1,746 persons with a wage / salary impact of $49,479,122 *
  • HCC has 60+ terminal programs designed to place students straight into the workforce which annually graduates 900+ individuals.
  • Estimated Volunteerism provided by Students - $6,193,000 *
* Statistics provided by Gross & Associates as Commissioned by Kansas Board of Regents, March 2011

HCC By The Numbers

Students By County Total College Fund Revenue Total College Fund Expenses Employee Breakdown General & Vocational Fund Revenue General & Vocational Fund Expenses

Check Out Campus

The excitement here at HutchCC is contagious, and we know that if you see all the things going on, then you will have to come here.

What We Can Offer

Not only do we have amazing faculty, but our campuses and facilities really have a university feel. We provide a lot of opportunities to succeed - just check out these resources...