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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 34 credit hours.

First Semester

Course Title Credits
CC101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3

Career opportunities in the child-care field including student self-assessment of interests and skills.

CC102 Creative Activities I 2

Activities that stimulate learning including art, science, pre-number concepts, dramatic play, language, fine and gross motor skills.

CC105 Infant and Toddler Development 3

The study of infant and toddler development, both typical and atypical, with emphasis on how to create and maintain developmentally appropriate environments for very young children. Focus is given to the importance of family-teacher relationships and responsiveness in interactions with children.

CC210 Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum 3

Principles upon which developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood programs are based emphasizing curriculum development and the study of existing early childhood curriculum models.

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1

Experiences designed to help with the transition into college life; exploration of essential techniques for success as a college student.

PE106 First Aid and CPR 2

Essential information for the development of students' first aid knowledge, skill ability and personal judgment; instruction and practice in CPR, rescue breathing and first aid for obstructed airway (adult, child and infant).

PS101 Human Relations 3

Psychological principles applied to everyday living with an emphasis on self-understanding and on building successful relationships.

Semester Total - 17

Second Semester

Course Title Credits
CC103 Creative Activities II 2

Continuation of CC102 Creative Activities I focusing on further development of preschool activities with emphasis on language and music.

CC201 Child Care Lab I 5

Supervised lab experiences involving the assistance in an ongoing curriculum for preschoolers. One hour lecture and nine hours lab experience per week. Background validation required.

CC203 Child Care Center Programming 3

Programming as it applies to quality child care.

CC204 Child Care Center Administration 3

Management skills and responsibilities associated with the administration of a child care center.

HE102 The Preschool Child 4

Human development from conception through preschool focusing on the interaction of biological factors, interpersonal relationships, social structure and cultural values in shaping the individual and changing behavior.

Semester Total - 17

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