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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 46 credit hours.

First Semester

Course Title Credits
BT108 Roof Framing 3

Spacing and layout, ceiling joists, rafter layout and cutting, roof design, codes safety, stick framing, pre-fab trusses, use of framing square, roof sheathing, valleys, hips, gables, soffits, ventilation.

BT109 Floors, Walls and Ceiling Framing 4

Floor joists, sub-floor, wall layout and assembly, wall components, ceiling construction, framing procedures, straightening, waterproofing, codes.

BT120 Introductory Craft Skills 3

Introductory skills for carpentry careers including basic safety, construction math, hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, materials handling and employability and communication skills.

BT121 Construction Safety 1

Safety procedures on construction sites emphasizing compliance with OSHA regulations.

BT131 Carpentry Basics 4

Safety, construction details, layout, materials, assembly, tool and equipment operation, and reasons for alternative methods of construction.

BT134 Windows, Doors and Stairs 3

Installation of windows and doors; construction and installation of stairs.

Semester Total - 18

Second Semester

Course Title Credits
BT101 Site Layout and Preparation 3

Equipment, principles and methods to perform distance measurement and leveling; site layout tasks that require making angular measurements; and the planning process that precedes the start of work on a construction site, such as environmental access and permit issues.

BT132 Commerical Framing and Drywall 3

Selection and installation of types and grades of steel framing materials and gypsum drywall, as well as finishing and patching of gypsum drywall.

BT133 Commercial Interior Finish and Trim 3

Installation of interior doors and door hardware, suspended ceilings, trim for windows, doors, floors and ceilings and cabinets.

BT135 Commerical Building Weatherization 2

Selection and installation of various types of insulating materials in walls, floors and attics. Use and installation practices for vapor barriers and waterproofing materials.

BT136 Commercial Blueprints and Construction Documents 2

Types and uses of drawings prepared for commercial structures, including format and content of drawings and use in conveying specific construction requirements.

BT171 Properties and Placement of Concrete 3

Properties, characteristics and uses of materials that, when mixed together, form types of concrete; tools, equipment and procedures for handling, placing, and finishing concrete; uses of tilt-up concrete construction and forming, erecting and bracing to tilt-up panels.

BT172 Concrete Forming I 2

Selection and use of different reinforcing materials; layout and construction/forming of foundations and slabs, and forms used for curbing and paving.

Semester Total - 18

Third Semester

Course Title Credits
BT130 Environmentally Responsible Construction Practices 1

Environmental impact of building environment and ways in which construction practices can mitigate this impact responsibly and effectively.

BT173 Concrete Forming II 2

Applications and construction methods for various types of forming and form hardware systems in vertical formwork. Types of horizontal elevated decks and formwork systems and their construction methods.

BT174 Material Handling, Rigging and Crane Safety 2

Use and inspection of basic equipment and hardware used in rigging; rigging and crane hazards and related safety procedures.

WE100 Basic Welding 2

Introduction to equipment, procedures and safety practices used in cutting steel with oxy-fuel equipment, as well as shielded metal arc welding, gas-tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding.

Drafting Options - Construction 3
Course Title Credits
DR100 Basic Computer Aided Drafting 3.00

DR212 Architectural CAD Drafting 3.00

Semester Total - 10

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