Criminal Justice Corrections - CERT


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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 18 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
LE109 Oral Communciations in Correctional Environment 3

Application of human communication skills in the corrections workplace; communications between correctional staff and also between correctional staff and inmates; self concept, perception, verbal and nonverbal messages, interpersonal relationships, and small group communication.

LE110 Corrections Report Writing 3

Basic concepts of written communications adapted to the specific tasks encountered in the corrections profession; dealing with conflict and cooperation, proper grammar and writing information and proper corrections reports; group discussions, structured exercises to build vocabulary, written communication, oral communication and narrative report writing for the corrections field.

LE111 Ethical Decision Making in Criminal Justice 3

Ethical considerations facing the correctional employee; determining moral behavior, developing moral and ethical behavior, ethics and criminal justice, ethics and the courts, policy and management issues and professionalism.

LE112 Special Populations in Corrections 3

The unique needs and issues of specialized inmate populations; management strategies and programming necessary to humanely incarcerate these groups and to prepare them for successful reintegration into free society; the medically and mentally ill, the mentally challenged, women, juveniles convicted as adults, the elderly, high risk inmates, and those with unique or non-mainstream religious needs.

LE201 Introduction to Corrections 3

Introductory study of the field of corrections; correctional process of probation, institutions, and parole; survey of correction careers and correction theories.

SP100 Workplace Spanish 3

A study of workplace Spanish for non-Spanish-speaking employers and employees who need to enhance communication in the workplace, with both colleagues and customers; phonetic encoding to address Spanish commands, questions, and phrases critical in the workplace.

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