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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 36 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BT101 Site Layout and Preparation 3

Equipment, principles and methods to perform distance measurement and leveling; site layout tasks that require making angular measurements; and the planning process that precedes the start of work on a construction site, such as environmental access and permit issues.

BT108 Roof Framing 3

Spacing and layout, ceiling joists, rafter layout and cutting, roof design, codes safety, stick framing, pre-fab trusses, use of framing square, roof sheathing, valleys, hips, gables, soffits, ventilation.

BT109 Floors, Walls and Ceiling Framing 4

Floor joists, sub-floor, wall layout and assembly, wall components, ceiling construction, framing procedures, straightening, waterproofing, codes.

BT120 Introductory Craft Skills 3

Introductory skills for carpentry careers including basic safety, construction math, hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, materials handling and employability and communication skills.

BT121 Construction Safety 1

Safety procedures on construction sites emphasizing compliance with OSHA regulations.

BT131 Carpentry Basics 4

Safety, construction details, layout, materials, assembly, tool and equipment operation, and reasons for alternative methods of construction.

BT132 Commerical Framing and Drywall 3

Selection and installation of types and grades of steel framing materials and gypsum drywall, as well as finishing and patching of gypsum drywall.

BT133 Commercial Interior Finish and Trim 3

Installation of interior doors and door hardware, suspended ceilings, trim for windows, doors, floors and ceilings and cabinets.

BT134 Windows, Doors and Stairs 3

Installation of windows and doors; construction and installation of stairs.

BT135 Commerical Building Weatherization 2

Selection and installation of various types of insulating materials in walls, floors and attics. Use and installation practices for vapor barriers and waterproofing materials.

BT136 Commercial Blueprints and Construction Documents 2

Types and uses of drawings prepared for commercial structures, including format and content of drawings and use in conveying specific construction requirements.

BT171 Properties and Placement of Concrete 3

Properties, characteristics and uses of materials that, when mixed together, form types of concrete; tools, equipment and procedures for handling, placing, and finishing concrete; uses of tilt-up concrete construction and forming, erecting and bracing to tilt-up panels.

BT172 Concrete Forming I 2

Selection and use of different reinforcing materials; layout and construction/forming of foundations and slabs, and forms used for curbing and paving.

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