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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 35 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
EE100 Principles of DC and AC Circuits 3

Ohm's Law, series and parallel DC circuits, networks, meters, magnetism, AC circuits with inductance, capacitance and resonance.

EE101 Solid State Electronics 3

Theoretical and practical understanding of the basic elements of transistors including characteristics of transistors, base circuits, parameters and use of data sheets using transistorized circuits and characteristics of semi-conductors.
Pre-Reqs: EE100 Principles of AC/DC Circuits with a C or better

MC101 Introduction to Machine Technology 3

Basic machine tool concepts including theory and practice of machinery techniques.

ME105 Fundamentals of Instrumentation 3

Overview of industrial/manufacturing instrumentation and control focusing on common technology, practices and applications used in instrumentation and control systems.
Pre-Reqs: EE203 Instruments & Measurements

ME108 Occupational Safety 2

Types of safety in relation to various occupations and positive approaches toward safety practices; review of aspects of the OSHA regulations as developed and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

ME110 Fundamentals of Motor Controls 3

Principles and operations of AC motor control with emphasis on maintenance, operation and utilization.
Pre-Reqs: EE203 Instruments & Measurements

ME112 Fundamentals of AC Circuits/Control 3

Electrical controls, their connections and their actions when AC is applied; study of electrical principles and practices required of service technicians in refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, appliance repair, commercial/industrial fields.
Pre-Reqs: EE103 Intro to Electronics, or EE203 Instruments & Measurements with grade of C or better

MT207 Computerized Numerical Control 3

A concept of machine tool control involving coded instructions expressed as letters and numbers including tape prepartion and set-up and control of a numerical control machining center.

TR101 Applied Algebra 3

Elementary algebra, including number systems, laws, operations and axioms as applied in arithmetical and algebraic solutions.

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