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Automotive Technology - CERT

Agriculture, Business, Computers and Technology

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Department Co-Chair: Jillene CUNNINGHAM (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Cynthia RAPP (620)665-3384

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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 34 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
AM101 Power Plant Theory 4

Types and forms of energy, internal and external combustion engines, operation of two-stroke and four-stroke cycle engines; preparing work area, disassembling engine, inspecting and reassembling the engine.

AM102 Electrical I 3

Describe the relationship between voltage, Ohms and amperage, as well as basic characteristics of circuits. Identify basic wiring diagram symbols, components and legend information. Perform basic electrical circuit measurements. Identify electrical system faults and perform repairs.

AM103 Electrical II 5

Identify current flow on starting and charging system diagrams. Perform battery diagnosis and service. Perform starting systems diagnosis and repair. Perform charging system diagnosis and repair.

AM104 Brakes I 3

Theory in brake operation. Identify parts of brake system. Test, diagnosis and service brake system components. Remove, recondition and replace brake drums or rotors and brake shoes or pads. Recondition master and wheel cylinders, adjust and bleed a brake system.

AM105 Brakes II 2

Identify and inspect electronic brake control system components. Test, diagnose, and service electronic brake control system.

AM201 Steering and Suspension I 3

In this course, students will document fundamental suspension system concerns; perform fundamental diagnostics of steering systems; and perform fundamental repairs of suspension systems.

AM202 Engine Performance I 3

Identify engine mechanical integrity. Explore and identify the fundamentals of fuel system theory and concerns. Explore and identify the fundamentals of ignition theory and concerns. Identify induction system and exhaust system concerns.

AM203 Drive Train 4

Theory and servicing of clutches, standard transmissions, drive lines, rear axles and automatic transmissions.

AM204 Heating and Air Conditioning Theory 4

Theory and use of air conditioning service equipment; purging, repairing, evacuating, testing for leaks, charging and overhauling compressors.

AM205 Suspension and Steering II 1

Performing diagnostics and repair of advanced steering and suspension systems in newer model vehicles.

AM206 Engine Performance II 2

Diagnosis and repair of emissions control systems and engine-related service.

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