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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
AN101 Digital Animation I 3

The processes used to create, render, and animate three-dimensional objects using computer software including application of creating 3D geometry, applying materials, creating cameras, lights, and special effects to compose various scenes.

DR100 Basic Computer Aided Drafting 3

Using the computer and AutoCAD software to generate two-dimensional working drawings.

DR101 Technical Drafting 3

Drafting fundamentals and techniques including orthographic projections, sectional view, conventional dimensioning, geometric dimensioning, metric conversion, pictoral drawings, auxiliary views, fasteners, detail and assembly drawings and letterings.

DR102 Machine Drafting 5

Detail and assembly drawings of machines and their component parts, shop notes and parts lists, precision dimensions, allowances, limits and tolerances.

DR105 Fundamentals of Tool Design 5

Basics of tool design of drill jig, mill fixtures and miscellaneous fixtures and concepts of cutting tool design; application of different stops, clamps, bushings and application to different types of machines.

DR119 3D Parametric Modeling I 3

Development of two-dimensional profiles that will be transformed into three-dimensional features used to create parametric models for design work.

DR211 Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting 3

Builds upon the concepts of DR100 Basic Computer Aided Drafting, discussing isometric drawing, using blocks and attributes, creating slides, drawing in 3-D and introducing AutoLISP programming and menu writing.

DR212 Architectural CAD Drafting 3

The study of principles involving architectural styles, planning, design, construction and drafting techniques. Building codes and site selection with emphasis being placed on creating computer-generated residential plans.

DR216 Computer Drafting Internship 3

A partnership with industry and the college computer drafting program which provides students with actual on-the-job work experience; required minimum of 45 clock hours work at the assigned business for each credit hour enrolled.

DR219 3D Parametric Modeling II 3

Using advanced modeling tools to create complex parametric models, assemblies, engineering drawings and presentation drawings.
Pre-Reqs: DR119 3D Parametric Modeling I

DR220 Special Projects in Drafting 5

Working in teams to create working drawings of commercial designs, which requires teamwork, leadership building, communication, time management, research skills, flexibility, cross functionality and problem solving; final projects presented to business professionals located off campus.

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1

Experiences designed to help with the transition into college life; exploration of essential techniques for success as a college student.

MA130 Engineering Graphics I 5

Using CAD hardware and software to solve problems in visualization; fundamentals of orthographic projection; auxiliary view, point view and true length of line segments, edge view and true shape of planes; graphical analysis of points, line and planes; orthographic projection of solids; pictorial and sectional views; dimensions and tolerances; fasteners; working drawings; blueprint reading.

MC101 Introduction to Machine Technology 3

Basic machine tool concepts including theory and practice of machinery techniques.

MC102 Machining Fundamentals I 2

Single and multi-spindle drilling and engine lathe turning operations and techniques.

MC203 Computerized Numerical Control 3

Concepts of machine tool control involving coded instructions expressed as letters and numbers and including tape preparation and set-up and control of a numerical control machining center.

IS103 Microcomputer Literacy OR IS104 Microcomputer Applications 2
Course Title Credits
IS103 Microcomputer Literacy 2.00

IS104 Microcomputer Applications 3.00

Mathematics Options 6
Course Title Credits
BU108 Business Mathematics 3.00

MA105 Intermediate Algebra 3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00

MA107 Plane Trigonometry 3.00

MA108 Elements of Statistics 3.00

MA110 Calculus 3.00

MA111 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

MA112H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

TR101 Applied Algebra 3.00

TR103 Applied Trigonometry 3.00

Technical Composition Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

EN103H Honors English Composition I 3.00

EN108 Technical Writing 3.00

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