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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 70 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6

Basic structure and function of the human body. Four hours lecture and four hours laboratory per week.
Pre-Reqs: BI101 or BI104 or BI105 or BI112, or BI100 Bas Cncpt for AH Studies with a grade of C or better

BI112 General Microbiology 4

Microbiological principles; introduction to eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes and viruses, growth and control, microbial genetics, mechanisms of infection, and host defenses with selected microbial diseases addressed; support of concepts examined in lecture provided by lab emphasizing aseptic technique, safe handling and manipulation of microbes and survey of representative microorganisms. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory per week.
Pre-Reqs: BI101 or BI103 or BI104 or BI105

EN101 English Composition IA 3

Essentials of composition. Emphasis is placed on practice in writing expository paragraphs and themes and in using the techniques of research. Selected readings for models and criticism are used. Based on placement scores, students may be required to enroll in EN100 English Composition IB and EN099 Elements of Writing instead of EN101. Additionally, honors students may elect to take EN103H Honors English Composition I in lieu of EN101.
Pre-Reqs: Asset Writing Score of 45 or above, or ACT English Score of 20 to 36, or Compass Writing Score of 76 or above

HR212 Pathophysiology 4

Etiologies, signs, symptoms, courses and complications of diseases, and the modern practices of diagnosis and treatment.
Pre-Reqs: HR105 Medical Terminology, and BI103 Human A&P

NR117 Transition: Basic Concepts, Principles, and Skills 5

Designed to bridge the practicing LPN and/or EMICT into the role of an Associate Degree Nurse; comparing and contrasting the role and function of the registered nurse in relation to other health care team providers; using basic nursing concepts,principles and skills needed in practice; practicing specific nursing procedures in a simulated and clinical laboratory setting; demonstrating skill competencies and documentating them for successful course completion required.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR207 Transition: Advanced Principles of Adult Nursing 7

Care of the adult client with alteration of each body system, as well as vascular and cellular conditions; promotion, maintenance and restoration of psychological homeostasis within the environment through utilization of the nursing process; interrelatedness of pathophysiology, pharmacology and nutrition as it occurs in specific conditions.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR215 Children and Family Nursing 3

Interaction between health and development of children and their families; enhancement of the health of children and the culturally diverse family system; clinical practice in hospital-based pediatric care areas and community-based facilities.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR216 Maternal-Infant Nursing 3

Psychological and physiological changes/adaptations within the environment that occur during the childbearing years; effects of cultural differences on childbearing and self-care abilities.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR217 Transition: Issues and Trends in Nursing 2

Examination of issues and trends affecting the nursing profession, focusing on practice, education and research.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR220 Crisis Care 6

Nursing care of patients in psychological and/or physiological crisis.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

NR221 Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing 3

Exploration of leadership and management concepts applicable to various roles in nursing in structured setting.
Pre-Reqs: Associate Degree Nursing Acceptance

PS100 General Psychology 3

A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

PS102 Human Growth and Development 3

A survey of the theories of and current research into the psychological development of individuals from birth to death focusing on the progressive changes experienced in the physical, cognitive and social-emotional domains of life.
Pre-Reqs: PS100 General Psychology

Credit for Prior Learning 12
English Composition II/Sociology/Nutrition Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN102 English Composition II 3.00

EN102H Honors English Composition II 3.00

HE202 Nutrition 3.00

SO100 Fundamentals of Sociology 3.00

SO100H Honors Fundamentals of Sociology 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking OR SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3
Course Title Credits
SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

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