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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 64 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6

Basic structure and function of the human body. Four hours lecture and four hours laboratory per week.
Pre-Reqs: BI101 or BI104 or BI105 or BI112, or BI100 Bas Cncpt for AH Studies with a grade of C or better

BI112 General Microbiology 4

Microbiological principles; introduction to eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes and viruses, growth and control, microbial genetics, mechanisms of infection, and host defenses with selected microbial diseases addressed; support of concepts examined in lecture provided by lab emphasizing aseptic technique, safe handling and manipulation of microbes and survey of representative microorganisms. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory per week.
Pre-Reqs: BI101 or BI103 or BI104 or BI105

CH105 Chemistry I 5

Atomic theory, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, energy, gasses, solids, liquids, and solutions. Laboratory experiments include analysis, synthesis and acquisition of quantitative data. Four hours lecture and three hours lab per week.
Pre-Reqs: ACT Math Score of 21 or higher, or Accuplacer Score of 75 or higher, or Compass Algebra Score of 48 or higher, or MA105 or higher math

EN101 English Composition IA 3

Essentials of composition. Emphasis is placed on practice in writing expository paragraphs and themes and in using the techniques of research. Selected readings for models and criticism are used. Based on placement scores, students may be required to enroll in EN100 English Composition IB and EN099 Elements of Writing instead of EN101. Additionally, honors students may elect to take EN103H Honors English Composition I in lieu of EN101.
Pre-Reqs: Asset Writing Score of 45 or above, or ACT English Score of 20 to 36, or Compass Writing Score of 76 or above

MA105 Intermediate Algebra 3

Elementary algebra including exponents, radicals, quadratic formula, systems of equations, graphing and other topics preparatory to MA106 College Algebra.
Pre-Reqs: Accuplacer Math Score of 57 or above, or Compass Algebra Score of 28 or above, or MA098 Basic Algebra with a grade of C or higher

ML120L Introduction to Medical Technology Lab 1

Laboratory skills involving measurement and instrumentation are introduced. Topics to be covered include safety, medical terminology, laboratory mathematics, specimen collection, microscope use, staining procedures, professional behavior, ethics, use of general lab equipment, and introductory procedures in serology, urinalysis, chemistry, hematology, blood banking, and microbiology. The laboratory time will enhance knowledge gained in the lecture by allowing the student to work in the simulated laboratory .
Pre-Reqs: MA105 or higher math

ML220L Hematology and Coagulation Lab 3

The student, with the aid of the MLT student laboratory and/or clinical affiliate site, will be able to enhance the knowledge gained in lecture and to develop competency in blood cell counting, performance of normal and abnormal blood smear differentials, staining, and special hematological procedures common in clinical laboratories. Association of common pathological states with histograms and common cytochemical stains will be reviewed. Blood coagulation function testing and coagulation lab, will be stu died, performed and evaluated. Prescribed safety practices will be reviewed and followed.

ML230L Pathogenic Microbiology Lab 3

Normal flora and possible pathogenic bacteria will be identified by morphology, staining characteristics, colonial morphology, growth on selective media, biochemical testing and serological methods. Basic theory in antimicrobial susceptibility testing will be covered. Normal and pathogenic parasites and fungal elements will be identified and procedures utilized for proper identification will be discussed.
Pre-Reqs: Medical Laboratory Technician acceptance

ML240L Clincal Chemistry Lab 3

The student will perform routine clinical tests on biological fluids, maintain quality assurance records, and perform preventative maintenance on instrumentation

ML250L Blood Bank and Serology Lab 0

The student will gain experience in performance of techniques of immunohematology. Techniques relevant to the performance of a blood banking technologist in a donor or transfusion service and techniques used in serological diagnosis of acute bacterial infections, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious mononucleosis, rubella, and syphilis will be explored.

ML270L Body Fluids Lab 1

This course will provide the student with in-depth knowledge of the function of the kidney, urine formation, and the procedures utilized in performing a routine urinalysis and body fluid analysis.

ML280 Advanced Clinical Practicum 7

Seven credit hours clinical rotation. Students will work one-on-one with clinical instructors to refine clinical laboratory skills within a designated clinical affiliate laboratory. This rotation will include 480 hours of clinical practicum experience. This course will integrate knowledge gained in all MLT courses with practical experience in hematology, coagulation, chemistry, immunology, immunohematology, microbiology, urinalysis, and serology.

PS100 General Psychology 3

A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

SH101 Public Speaking 3

Principles and practices of oral communication that will help the student develop skills in communication and acquire an understanding of oral communication as a vital human skill and activity.


Additional Credits Required - 19

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