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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 70 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BI100 Basic Concepts for Allied Health Studies 1

Basic anatomical and physiological terminology; fundamental chemical concepts with an emphasis on organic macromolecules, pH, buffers, electrolytes, and solutions; introduction to cellular structure and function.

BI103 Human Anatomy and Physiology 6

Basic structure and function of the human body. Four hours lecture and four hours laboratory per week. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ2627937317B54771.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1

Experiences designed to help with the transition into college life; exploration of essential techniques for success as a college student.

EN101 English Composition IA 3

Essentials of composition. Emphasis is placed on practice in writing expository paragraphs and themes and in using the techniques of research. Selected readings for models and criticism are used. Based on placement scores, students may be required to enroll in EN100 English Composition IB and EN099 Elements of Writing instead of EN101. Additionally, honors students may elect to take EN103H Honors English Composition I in lieu of EN101. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ2627937417FD25E2.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

HR105 Medical Terminology 3

Elements of medical language including common abbreviations. Emphasis is placed on spelling, pronunciation, correct usage, and meaning relating to body systems, medical science, and medical specialties.

MA106 College Algebra 3

Theory of equations, functions, inverse functions, complex numbers, determinants and matrices. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ26279374184553F7.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PS100 General Psychology 3

A survey of the fundamental principles of behavior including physiological, perceptual, historical, methodological, learning, memory, development, motivational, emotional, social and applied perspectives.

PS102 Human Growth and Development 3

A survey of the theories of and current research into the psychological development of individuals from birth to death focusing on the progressive changes experienced in the physical, cognitive and social-emotional domains of life. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ26279375189BB157.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT201 Clinical Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy 4

Advanced anatomy of the musculoskeletal systems of the body; overview of the structure and movement of the human body including basic joint structure, muscles, muscular origins, insertions, innervations, articular function and structure; segmental length, girth and volume measurements. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ2627937518D8E2D3.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT203 Basic Principles and Practices of Physical Therapy 4

Basic health care skills used in physical therapy including practice in activities of daily living, use of assistive and adaptive devices, gait and locomotion training, wheelchair management and range of motion as directed by the Physical Therapist. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793761912697D.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT205 Modalities for Physical Therapy 4

Development of basic therapy skills in physical therapy using modalities including heat and cold techniques, hydrotherapy, fluid therapy, paraffin, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, ultraviolet and infrared light,iontophoresis,phonophoresis, TENS, biofeedback, diagnostic test and massage; interpersonal communication skills, patient interactions and time management. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ26279376194CB3D5.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT207 Orthopedic Rehabilitation 4

Physical therapy for orthopedic diseases and disorders. Anatomy and physiology of exercise and its principles and application to common orthopedic conditions. The study and application of manual testing, progressive resistive exercise, stretching, and functional activities. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ26279377198725BF.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT210 Therapeutic Exercise 4

Basic principles of therapeutic exercise including planning, implementing, documenting and evaluating programs for the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries and illnesses. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ2627937719C1E4D0.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT212 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation 4

Physiology of nervous system including pathological conditions; assessment and intervention with cerebrovascular accident (CVA), spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other neurological disorders; patient interactions, interpersonal communication, professionalism, documentation and time management. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ2627937719FFB23B.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT214 Special Topics 4

Study of specialty areas including amputation, prosthetics, diabetes, wound management and burn management; special treatment related to the cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as consideration for the pediatric and geriatric patient; application of principles and techniques in the classroom and laboratory of each specialty area. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793781A3ABFD5.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT217 Clinical Practice I 3

Initial opportunity to implement a variety of physical therapy treatment plans; orientation to the roles and responsibilities of the physical therapist assistant with supervised contact with clients having physical dysfunctions. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793781A761B5A.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT219 Clinical Practice II 10

Opportunities to practice physical therapist assisting skills. Assignments on the basis of demonstrated need for additional knowledge and/or skill in a given are to hospitals, nursing homes, sub-acute hospitals, pediatric facilities, and various outpatient facilities. Opportunities to advance skills to an independent level. (Full-time for 5 and 6 weeks). %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793781AB0DBBC.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT220 Professional Issues I 2

The history of physical therapy, legal and ethical issues and the role of the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant; structure and organization of the health care system in general, as well introduction to the role and purpose of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA); instruction for appropriate documentation required to meet guidelines for the facility, and third party payers as well other vested parties; introduction to interpersonal communication skills, cultural diversity, disab ility awareness and professional behavior. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793791AEAFE8B.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT222 Professional Issues II 2

A continuation of Professional Issues I, developing research skills, documentation skills, community awareness and career planning. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793791B2DD4E6.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

PT224 Professional Issues III 2

Summary of all coursework and internships in the PTA program. Prepare students for transition into the workforce as an entry level PTA. Provide comprehensive review and mock exam in preparation for the national PTA exam. Inform students of employment benefits, licensing, state practice act review, professional development, employment opportunities and community service. %DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening RAMDISK:[SCRATCH]PREREQ262793801B6D4F5E.TMP; as input -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

SH101 Public Speaking OR SH210 Interpersonal Communication 0
Course Title Credits
SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

SH210 Interpersonal Communication 3.00

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