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Department Co-Chair: JANET HAMILTON NEWTON (620)665-3384

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Total Credit Hours

This degree requires 65 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
BU120 Job Search/Retention 1

Job-search skills and career development including topics such as completing an application form and resume, developing interviewing techniques, developing job leads, and investigating career opportunities, job requirements and career ladders.

CS200 Problem Solving and Programming 4

Principles of algorithm design and their application to procedural programming: state, control structures, functions modules. Patterns of conditional and iterative control structure. Program testing. Introduction to data structures, classes, and objects. Programming projects. Analyzing problems, designing solutions and expressing them in the form of a well-structured program in a high-level language such as Java and C+.
Pre-Reqs: MA106 College Algebra, and CS111 Visual Basic Programming, or Departmental Consent

CS206 Data Structures and Algorithms 3

A study of common data and program structures together with associated algorithms. Topics include interfaces, and introduction of the concept of date abstraction and information hiding, design patterns, arrays, stacks, queues, lists, trees, heaps, hash tables, recursion, binary search, and tree traversals. Experience with both use and implementation of these structures and algorithms using a modern programming language. Discussion of tradeoffs involving performance and software maintainability.
Pre-Reqs: CS200 Problem Solving and Programming

ED105 Success Seminar/College Orientation 1

Experiences designed to help with the transition into college life; exploration of essential techniques for success as a college student.

IS135 Essentials of Web Interaction 2

Principles of effective web interaction to create and maintain an effective web presence. This includes exploration of the primary design elements of proximity, alignment, repetition, and contract, in addition to the impact of color, images, page layout and typography on an intended audience. Web terminology and structure are explored as are web driven interactions such as blogs and social media.

IS137 Website Ethics and Security 3

Study of ethical, legal and security issues as they relate to the web including copyright laws/fair use, cyber ethics, moral responsibilities of the web designer, web privacy, censorship, web accessibility laws, spam, virus protection and internet attacks.

IS148 A+ Certification, Essentials 3

Preparation for the essentials portion of CompTIA's A+ certification, the vendor neutral industry standard certification for PC hardware technician.

IS149 A+ Certification, Practical Applications 3

Preparation for the Practical Applications portion of the CompTIA's A+ certification, the vendor neutral industry standard certification for PC technician.
Pre-Reqs: IS148 A+ Certification Essentials with grade of C or better

IS210 Computer Support Internship I 3

On-the-job training offered in conjunction with the Computer Support Specialist program.
Pre-Reqs: 24 credit hours of IS CS courses, or Departmental Consent

IS212 Networking I 3

Introduction of common networking LAN and WAN schema with emphasis on development of procedures for choosing best network configurations including topology, protocol, hardware, software and media selection; technology concepts introduced with hands-on application.

IS215 Web Development Platform 3

This is a PHP programming course which provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages. This web language provides substantial website functionality including e-commerce. In-depth techniques, the PHP framework, and syntax used to build dynamic websites will be explored. Connectivity to ODBC-compliant databases with hands on practice creating database-driven HTML forms and reports with databases such as MySQL will be applied. .
Pre-Reqs: IS228 Data Base Structures, or Departmental Consent

IS225 Website Coding 2

Explore the use of HTML and CSS in basic website design and development, according to best practices, by way of coding with a text-based editor without the assistance of graphical user interfaces. This includes developing skills for troubleshooting.
Pre-Reqs: IS135 Website Layout & Graphics, or Departmental Consent

IS226 Website Management and Development II 3

Advanced instruction in website management and development using relational database concepts, server side programming, debugging and web server management to create dynamic data-driven web sites.
Pre-Reqs: IS225 Website Management and Development I

IS228 Database Structures 3

This course includes fundamentals of database architecture and database systems. Principles and methodologies of database design, and techniques for database application development will be covered using Standard Query Language (SQL). Prerequisites: IS226 Website Management
Pre-Reqs: IS226 Website Management & Development II

IS235 Elements of Linux 3

Installing, configuring, administrating and troubleshooting the Linux operating system in a vendor neutral environment; a hybrid between survey and practicum with attention given to basic commands of the Linux operating system in addition to file, device and directory management; exposure to networking and system services as well as in-depth understanding of the structural organization of the file system.

IS250 Project Management 3

Enhanced business and technical knowledge of project management skills based on best practices in project management with universal project management principles and people skills; experience in leading, managing and directing small to medium scale projects; development of business, interpersonal and technical project management skills required to successfully manage projects and business initiatives with a technology component including project initiation,scope,planning,execution, coordination, productivit y, closure, support, lessons learned as well interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, team building, leadership and setting and managing expectations.

IS256 Web Development Special Projects 1

Incorporate knowledge and skill in web development to compile a representation of student work and achievement. This can encompass the application of a real world project as well as web development artifacts for the inclusion in a student portfolio.
Pre-Reqs: IS228 Data Base Structures

IS264 JavaScript 3

Introduction to client-side JavaScript as it relates to web page development. JavaScript core language and syntax will be discussed along with the Document Object Model (DOM). The event model and DOM will be used to interact with HTML components to create dynamic web content. AJAX will also be introduced to allow for dynamic asynchronous communications with servers to present data interactively on Web forms. Prerequisites: IS225 Website Management
Pre-Reqs: IS225 Website Management and Development I

MA106 College Algebra 3

Theory of equations, functions, inverse functions, complex numbers, determinants and matrices.
Pre-Reqs: Accuplacer Score of 75 or higher, or Compass Algebra Score of 48 or higher, or MA105 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or higher, or ACT Math Score of 21 or higher

BU109 Business Communicatons OR SH101 Public Speaking 3
Course Title Credits
BU109 Business Communications 3.00

SH101 Public Speaking 3.00

Composition Options 3
Course Title Credits
EN100 English Composition IB 3.00

EN101 English Composition IA 3.00

EN103H Honors English Composition I 3.00

EN107 Business English 3.00

EN108 Technical Writing 3.00

CS110 Fund of Digital Design or CS111 Visual Basic Programming 3
Course Title Credits
CS110 Fundamentals of Digital Design 3.00

CS111 Visual Basic Programming 3.00

Human Relations PS101 or Microcomputer Applications IS104 3
Course Title Credits
IS104 Microcomputer Applications 3.00

PS101 Human Relations 3.00

Mathematics Options 3
Course Title Credits
BU108 Business Mathematics 3.00

MA105 Intermediate Algebra 3.00

MA106 College Algebra 3.00

MA107 Plane Trigonometry 3.00

MA108 Elements of Statistics 3.00

MA110 Calculus 3.00

MA111 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

MA112H Honors Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5.00

TR101 Applied Algebra 3.00

TR103 Applied Trigonometry 3.00

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