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Cosmetology - CERT

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Contact: Alex HASS (620)662-5481
Department Co-Chair: Jillene CUNNINGHAM (620)665-3479
Department Co-Chair: Cynthia RAPP (620)665-3384

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Total Credit Hours

This certificate requires 45 credit hours.


Course Title Credits
CO100 Cosmetology I 4

Theory and practice of cosmetology including trichology, hair design decisions, cutting, styling, and coloring.

CO102 Cosmetology II 2

Continuation of CO100 Cosmetology I. Theory and practice of cosmetology including professionalism, salon ecology, the salon as a business, science of cosmetology, chemical texturizing, and nail care.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I

CO103 Hair Salon Services 7

Hair care fundamentals including haircutting, hair design, shampooing, scalp treatment, and hair coloring.

CO104 Cosmetology III 2

Continuation of CO102 Cosmetology II. Theory and practice of cosmetology including hair anatomy and physiology, skin care, and Kansas laws related to cosmetology.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I, and CO102 Cosmetology II

CO105 Salon Services and Operations 3

Continuation of CO103 Hair Salon Services. Hair care techniques including hair coloring, permanent waving, and salon success.
Pre-Reqs: CO103 Hair Salon Services

CO106 Cosmetology IV 1

Continuation of CO104 Cosmetology III. Cosmetology practices of electricity, wigs, and hair additions.
Pre-Reqs: CO104 Cosmetology III

CO110 Cosmetology Service Techniques 3.5

Advanced methods in texturing, men''''s haircuts, manicuring and pedicuring. Classroom work integrated with clinic experience.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I, and CO103 Hair Salon Services

CO112 Clinical Experience Foundations 6

Hands-on experience in conducting salon business including caring for hair, interacting with clientele, and practicing lab techniques in a live setting.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I, and CO102 Cosmetology II, and CO103 Hair Salon Services

CO115 Advanced Cosmetology Services 3

Trends and techniques in hair design, facials, and make up. Classroom work integrated with clinical experience.
Pre-Reqs: CO100 Cosmetology I, and CO103 Hair Salon Services

CO118 Clinical Experience Precision 5

Manage client salon experience through administration of proper procedures in reception, consultation, salesmanship, and application.
Pre-Reqs: CO112 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO119 Salon Clinical Experience 6

Refinement of customer service, goal setting, and client rete3ntion to support accuracy, time, and precision in salon services.
Pre-Reqs: CO112 Clinical Experience Foundations

CO120 Complete Cosmetology Operations 2.5

Classroom and clinical experience in long hair design and nail enhancements. Culminating in review for the Kansas State cosmetology licensing examination.
Pre-Reqs: CO110 Cosmetology Service Techniques

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