Course Fees

Description of Course Fee Amount Fee Applied Course ID for Fee
A+ Certification $86.00 per class IS148, IS149
Advanced Architectural CAD Drafting $4.00 per class DR213
Advanced Pharmacy Technician Lab $110.00 per class PH105L
Ag Diesel Program $39.00 per class AP101, AP102, AP103, AP104, AP106, AP112, AP119, AP125, AP201, AP203, AP204, AP225, AP227
Allied Health Copy $10.00 per class AL162
AMA Textbooks $95.00 per class MS*
Animation Lab $3.00 per class AN*
Art Appreciation $20.00 per class AR101
Art Lab I $20.00 per class AR110, AR111, AR113, AR114, AR115
Art Lab II $30.00 per class AR106, AR116, AR117, AR118, AR119, AR123, AR126, AR127, AR128, AR129, AR140, AR143, AR144, AR205, AR225, ED106
Auto Body $160.00 per class AB112
Auto Collision Repair $25.00 per class AB110, AB114, AB115, AB117
Auto Mechanics $25.00 per class AM101, AM201, AM202, AM203
Basic Manufacturing Skills $225.00 per class MC106
Physical Therapy Basic Principles & Practices $5.00 per class PT203
Bovine Insemination $275.00 per class AG130
Bowling $24.00 per class PE130, PE131
CMA Course/Testing $65.00 per class AL132
Career Decision Making $20.00 per class ED110
CDL Training $461.00 per class AP120
CNA Course/Testing $80.00 per class AL131
Chemistry $5.00 per class CH*
Health Record Clinical Affliliation $40.00 per class HR215
Physical Therapy Clinical Kinesiology & Applied Anatomy $20.00 per class PT201
Physical Therapy Clinical Practice I $75.00 per class PT217
Community Pharmacy Practicum $30.00 per class PH201
Computer Lab $4.00 per class BU*, CS*, IS*
Construction $25.00 per class BT104, BT109, BT131, BT134
Construction Drafting $6.00 per class DR107
Nursing Crisis $25.00 per class NR220
Distributed & Integrated Controls $30.00 per class AE250
Drafting Lab $6.00 per class DR*, MA130
Emergency Cardiac Care $30.00 per class EM111
Emergency Care Trauma $10.00 per class EM102, EM168
Emergency First Responder $20.00 per class EM101
EMICT Program $155.00 per class EM191, EM192
EMICT Program I $155.00 per class EM201, EM202
EMT Program $103.00 per class EM110
EMT-Intermediate $207.00 per class EM120
English Composition On-Campus $4.00 per class EN098, EN100
English Lab On-Campus $3.00 per class EN101, EN102, EN103
Figure Drawing $100.00 per class AR112
Fire Science Advance High Angle Rescue $40.00 per class FS109
Fire Science Agriculture Rescue Techniques $15.00 per class FS135
Fire Science Apparatus $150.00 per class FS206
Fire Science Basic High Angle Rescue $40.00 per class FS108
Fire Science Basic Vehicle Extrication $30.00 per class FS106
Fire Science Confined Space Rescue $30.00 per class FS107
Fire Science Hazardous Materials $15.00 per class FS111
Fire Science Hazardous Materials Operations Level I $35.00 per class FS150
Fire Science Ice Rescue Operations $40.00 per class FS155
Fire Science Ice Rescue Techniques $50.00 per class FS156
Fire Science Internship II $50.00 per class FS225
Fire Science Portable Pumps & Water Use $20.00 per class FS126
Fire Science Rope Rescue III $40.00 per class FS118
Fire Science Service Internship I $50.00 per class FS125
Fire Science Trench Rescue $50.00 per class FS116
Fire Science Wilderness EMS $158.00 per class EM112
Fire Science Wildland Firefighter $50.00 per class FS124
Fire Science Wildland Firefighter Type 2 $25.00 per class FS120
Fire Science Wildland Power Saws $35.00 per class FS127
Fire Science Firefighter I $110.00 per class FS110
Fire Science Firefighter II $35.00 per class FS113
First Aid & CPR $15.00 per class PE106
Forensics Lab $30.00 per class SH105
Golf $50.00 per class PE145
Handball & Racquetball $40.00 per class PE149
Health Record Coding Practicum $130.00 per class HR225
Health Record Applications I $35.00 per class HR100
Health Record Practicum I $90.00 per class HR203
Health Record Practicum II $90.00 per class HR211
Kaplan ADN Semester 1 Fall $124.75 per class NR110
Kaplan ADN Semester 2 Spring $124.75 per class NR120
Kaplan ADN Semester 3 Fall $124.75 per class NR210
Kaplan ADN Semester 4 Spring $124.75 per class NR224
Kaplan LPN Fulltime Package 1 $175.00 per class PN100
Kaplan LPN Fulltime Package 2 $175.00 per class PN112
Kaplan LPN Parttime 1 Package 5 Fall $70.00 per class PN112001
Kaplan LPN Parttime 1 Package 1 $70.00 per class PN100
Kaplan LPN Parttime 1 Package 5 $70.00 per class PN114
Kaplan LPN Parttime 1 Package 2 $70.00 per class PN106
Kaplan LPN Parttime 2 Package 2 $70.00 per class PN106
Kaplan LPN Parttime 2 Package 3 $70.00 per class PN108
Kaplan LPN Parttime 2 Package 4 $70.00 per class PN118
Kaplan LPN Parttime 2 Package 5 $70.00 per class PN114
Home Health Aid Course/Testing $65.00 per class AL137
Home Horticulture $10.00 per class AG110
Instruments & Measurements Tools $130.00 per class AE100
Introduction to Computer Engineering $20.00 per class CS106
Introduction to Scientific Crime Detection $15.00 per class LE208
Introduction to Education Practicum $37.50 per class ED201L
IV Therapy $75.00 per class AL126, AL226
Kaplan Paramedic Semester 1 Spring $166.34 per class NR117
Kaplan Paramedic Semester 2 Summer $166.34 per class NR215
Kaplan Paramedic Semester 3 Fall $166.34 per class NR217
McP LPN Fulltime Fall $292.00 per class PN115
McP LPN Fulltime Spring $245.00 per class PN114
McP LPN Fulltime Spring $45.00 per class PN117
McP LPN Fulltime Spring $5.00 per class PN118
McP LPN Parttime 1 Fall $45.00 per class PN117
McP LPN Parttime 1 Fall $245.00 per class PN112001
McP LPN Parttime 2 Summer $245.00 per class PN114
McP LPN Parttime 2 Summer $5.00 per class PN118
McP LPN Parttime 1 Summer $292.00 per class PN115
Lowen Vehicle Wrap Design $900.00 per class AB208, IS275
Machine Technology I $35.00 per class MC101, MC102, MC103, MC110, MC112, MC113, MC114, MC115, MC116, MC117, MC122, MC127, MC201, MC202, MC203, MC204, MC205
MET/EET Lab $7.00 per class AE105, AE108, AE150, AE155, AE200, AE202, AE205, AE208, AE250, AE252, ME106, ME112, ME116, ME117, ME124, ME129, ME140
Health Record Medical Report Transcription $20.00 per class HR204
Health Record Medical Transcription Affiliation $40.00 per class HR199
Medications Aid Course/Testing $40.00 per class AL134
MET/HVAC Tools $300.00 per class ME115
Physical Therapy Modalities $10.00 per class PT205
Modern Jazz/Ballet/Tap $35.00 per class PE153
Networking II $133.00 per class IS224
Nursing ADN Transition Lab $25.00 per class NR103
Nursing Fundamentals $75.00 per class NR110
Nursing Home Activity Director $20.00 per class AL163
Nursing Medical Surgicals Lab I $25.00 per class NR115L
Nursing Practicum $70.00 per class NR104
Nursing Skills Lab II $50.00 per class NR121L
Nursing Skills Lab III $75.00 per class NR211L
Nursing Transition Basic Concepts $50.00 per class NR117
Nursing Transition Seminar $50.00 per class NR217
Occupational Safety $25.00 per class ME108
Pediatric Advanced Life Support $25.00 per class EM162
Phlebotomy $75.00 per class AL170
Photography Intro/Advanced Digital $20.00 per class AR134, AR135, JP118, JP119
Photography Basic/Advanced $35.00 per class JP110, JP113
Photography Studio Portrait $35.00 per class JP216
Physical Therapy Professional Issues II $210.00 per class PT222
Publications $10.00 per class AR143, AR225, IS113, IS120, JL105, JL204, JL205, JL206
Radiolgy Clinical Training I $70.00 per class RA201
Radiology Radiographic Exposures I $70.00 per class RA105
Radiology Radiographic Exposurers II $70.00 per class RA106
Reading Comprehension I $10.00 per class LC097
Reading Comprehension II $10.00 per class LC099
Respiratory Therapy Seminar $90.00 per class RT225
Respiratory Therapy Review Licensure $100.00 per class RT225
Robotics $30.00 per class AE255
Safety Orientation OSHA 10 $25.00 per class BT121
Safety OSHA $25.00 per class MC118
SAM Fee $50.00 per class IS103, IS104
Physical Therapy Special Topics $5.00 per class PT214
Sports Medicine $30.00 per class SM180
Stage Make-Up $50.00 per class TH119
Surgical Tech $240.00 per class ST101
Surgical Tech I $265.00 per class ST103
Swimming $25.00 per class PE137, PE138
Technical Drafting $6.00 per class DR101
Respiratory Therapy Theraputic Modalities I $50.00 per class RT210
Respiratory Therapy Theraputic Modalities II $200.00 per class RT211
Respiratory Therapy Theraputic Modalities III $60.00 per class RT212
Transition Advanced Principles of Nursing Care $50.00 per class NR207
Video Editing & Post Production I $75.00 per class MP113
Video Production I $25.00 per class MP112
Video Production II $25.00 per class MP214
Welding Tools $300.00 per class WE101T
Work Ethics Materials $45.00 per class TR120
Art Lab III $50.00 per class AR120, AR121
Art Lab IV $40.00 per class AR122, AR124, AR141
Chemistry II $5.00 per class CH106
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Training I $50.00 per class RT221
Respiratory Therapy DATARC $45.00 per class RT221, RT222
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Training II $10.00 per class RT222
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Training III $10.00 per class RT223
Respiratory Therapy Clinical Training IV $10.00 per class RT224
College Orientation & Career Exploration $20.00 per class ED115
Early Childhood Education Background Check $37.50 per class CC*
Fire Science Fireground Operations $50.00 per class FS151
Blended High School Online $25.00 per class High School Online
Hybrid $17.00 per credit hour Hybrid Classes
Internet $17.00 per credit hour Online Classes
Distance Education $17.00 per credit hour Telecourse Classes
Music Lessons $70.00 per credit hour MU171, MU172, MU173, MU174, MU175, MU176, MU177, MU178, MU179, MU180, MU181, MU182
Welding $15.00 per credit hour WE100, WE103, WE104, WE105, WE106, WE110, WE111, WE112, WE113, WE114, WE202, WE203, WE204, WE205, WE206, WE207, WE208, WE209, WE210, WE212, WE213, WE214, WE219
McP LPN Program $30.00 per credit hour PN*
Newton Facility Usage $10.00 per credit hour Newton Facility Site
McPherson Facility Usage $10.00 per credit hour McPherson Facility Site
1300 North Plum, Hutchinson, KS 67501
1-888-GO-HUTCH or (620) 665-3500