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Incidental Fees

Description of Course Fee Amount Fee Applied
Library Overdue Book Fine $0.10 per day
Library Overdue Media Item $0.25 per day
Library Overdue Reserve Item $0.25 per hour
Proctoring Fee for Non-HCC Students $10.00 per hour
Football Equipment $300.00 per service
Golf Equipment $300.00 per service
Career Assessment Services(non students) $50.00 per service
CDL Test $100.00 per service
CDL Re-Test $50.00 per service
Graduation (Includes Cap and Gown) $25.00 per service
Student ID Replacement $5.00 per service
Instructional Support Skills Inventory Packet $25.00 per service
Library Lost Book $50.00 per service
Library Lost Media $75.00 per service
NSF Check Fee (charge for return check) $20.00 per service
Replace Diploma/Certificate and Cover $20.00 per service
Residence Hall Late/Early Check In Fee $25.00 per service
Retest Placement Tests $5.00 per service
Ten Meal Punch Card $55.99 per service
Transcript - Asset Test, Compass, Accuplacer (Per Test) $5.00 per service
Transcript - Official $6.00 per service
Transcript - Overnight Mail Service $26.00 per service
Transcript - Unofficial Faxed Copy $8.00 per service
Transcript - Unofficial Student Copy $1.00 per service
Parking fine Handicap Violation $50.00 per service
Parking fine child care center $50.00 per service
Parking fine Regular Violation $10.00 per service

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