Reno County's Counselors To Small Business

Quest Center’s personnel welcomes you to discover opportunities in starting your very own small business.  Since 1987, The Quest Center has assisted many entrepreneurs in seeing their dreams come alive.

Have a business idea? Give us a call or drop by and let us help you become successful in your venture. While not all business ideas can be fruitful, we can help you decide if your idea can lead to success. The most important part of owning your own business is to have a plan, a road map, that is thoroughly thought out, that includes markets discovered, competition reviewed and adequate financing in place.

Quest Center’s Mission:

Stimulate job creation, job retention and economic development by providing an environment conducive to the start-up and growth of small business in Reno County. This environment includes services and general management assistance.

Realize a return on investment in the form of jobs, diversification of the local economy, a broader tax base and new opportunities for investment.