NACTA Conference

The 2011 NACTA Judging Conference was held in Modesto, CA by Modesto Junior College. This was the 5th time in the last 10 years (& 7th time overall) that HCC has won not only the community college sweepstakes, but the overall sweepstakes as well. Here are individual and team results from the contest:

Ag Business Management

  • Team-2nd Overall/5th Information Test/1st Problem Solving Wyatt Decker-3rd Overall/1st Problem Solving

Ag Computers

  • Team-1st Overall/2nd Test/1st Excel/1st Access/3rd Word/2nd Powerpoint
  • Jacinda Dickinson-1st Overall/1st Test/4th Excel/1st Access/8th Word/6th Powerpoint
  • Sean Robinson-2nd Overall/3rd Test/9th Excel/2nd Access/5th Word
  • Connor Bomgardner-8th Overall/10th Excel/7th Word/2nd Powerpoint
  • Devon Stewart-10th Overall/8th Excel/8th Access/9th Word


  • Team-1st Overall/1st Agronomic Quiz/2nd Math Practical/1st Lab Practical/1st ID
  • Zach Langford-1st Overall/2nd Quiz/3rd Math Practical/4th Lab Practical/1st ID Jordan Simon-3rd Overall/1st Lab Practical/2nd ID
  • Cody McReynolds-4th Overall/5th Quiz/5th Lab Practical

Dairy Cattle

  • Team-1st Overall/2nd Holstein/2nd Jersey/2nd Brown Swiss/1st Reasons
  • Luke Strecker-1st Overall/1st Reasons/
  • Zach Ely-8th Overall/3rd Reasons
  • Austin Thompson-9th Overall/Tie 4th Reasons
  • Dakota Reiss-10th Overall/Tie 4th Reasons


  • Team-1st Overall/3rd Beef/1st Sheep/2nd Hogs/2nd Reasons
  • Austin Thompson-1st Overall/5th Beef/4th Reasons
  • Dakota Reiss-4th Overall/3rd Sheep/6th Reasons
  • Luke Strecker-5th Sheep
  • Brad Baker-8th Reasons
  • Katie Kimbrell-Her results were not in our packet, but she should have been in the top 10 overall


  • 4th Overall