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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hutchinson Community College Radiologic Technology Program is to provide a curriculum of basic sciences and practical clinical training that provides graduates with the responsibility to deliver safe, high quality medical imaging services in a variety of healthcare environments. The program establishes rigorous and measurable performance standards for all students and fosters the professionalism needed for patient-centered healthcare delivery. The program provides students with the necessary prerequisite requirements to transfer to other institutions to further their educational and career goals.

Program Goals & Outcomes

Students will be clinically competent.

  • Students and Graduates will effectively position patients
  • Students will appropriately provide radiation protection.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills of patient care.
  • Students will select appropriate technical factors.

Students will demonstrate professionalism and professional growth

  • Students and graduates will demonstrate proper behaviors expected of healthcare professionals.
  • Student and graduates will participate in professional development.

Students will demonstrate necessary problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will demonstrate independent judgment and discretion.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to modify the procedure of non-routine examinations.

Students will demonstrate communication skills.

  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate oral communication skills.

To provide graduates who will satisfy the affiliate hospitals, communities, and profession’s need for certified radiographers.

  • Students enrolled in the program graduate from the program.
  • Graduates are able to find employment in the profession.
  • Graduates will pass the ARRT exam on the first attempt.
  • Employers will be satisfied with the graduates performance.
  • Graduates indicate an overall satisfaction with the program.