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How to Get Started


Any applicant needing accommodations to take the pre-admission exam (or complete other application requirements) must contact Hutchinson Community College Coordinator of Accessibility Services, 1300 North Plum, Hutchinson, KS, or may call 1-620-665-3554 or 1-800-289-3501 to request accommodations.



Technical Standards for the Nursing Program

Students in the Allied Health Department must have the following minimum abilities:


Observation - Students must

  • Be able to observe lectures and demonstrations.

Communication - Student must

  • Be able to use multiple communication techniques including verbal, nonverbal, written, group processes and information technology in order to communicate with instructors, peers, health professionals, patients and others.
  • Be able to speak, read and write in English.

Intellectual/Conceptual/Integrative/Quantitative - Students must

  • Read, understand and be able to discuss information from reading.
  • Acquire and apply information from classroom instruction, lectures, laboratory experience, independent learning and team projects.
  • Measure, calculate reason, analyze, evaluate, and process information


Behavioral, Emotional and Social - Students must

  • Possess the emotional health required for full use of his other intellectual abilities.
  • Be able to function under stress.
  • Develop mature, sensitive and effective relationships with others.
  • Adapt to changing environments.
  • Work Cooperatively with instructors, peers, health professionals, patients and others.


Motor Function - Student must

  • Possess the skills necessary to carry out the procedures in their discipline.

Physical Endurance - Students must possess

  • Physical stamina sufficient to complete assigned periods of clinical practice within allotted time frames specific to their discipline.