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Each of the following careers involves providing care for other people in a specialized manner. Each career is concerned with attaining and maintaining quality of life for those in need, with a majority of those individuals being the elderly population.

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

CNAs provide personal care for primarily the elderly in a long term care or hospital setting. They assist individuals with dressing, ambulation, feeding, bathing, toileting, perineal and oral care, range of motion exercises and restorative care. This is an entry-level position in nursing and is required before many of the other careers can be entered.

Certified Medication Aide (CMA)

This career involves the passing of medications, performing treatments, written documentation, and in some situations and/or facilities, may perform resident care. The certification of CNA must be obtained prior to being able to take the CMA course.

Home Health Aide (HHA)

Individuals with this certification provide personal care of primarily elderly persons in their home. They assist individuals with dressing, ambulation, bathing, toileting, perineal and oral care, range of motion exercises and restorative care. Additional responsibilities may include housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, shopping and other services as specified by the care plan. There are two levels of instruction for HHAs. The HHA may take an extended course certifying them to be only an HHA. The more traditional method includes becoming a CNA and then taking an abbreviated course to attain HHA certification.

Certified Medication Update (CMA Update)

The State of Kansas requires training every two years to keep the CMA certificate active. Individuals taking the course pass medications, perform treatments, document, and in some situations and/or facilities, may perform resident care.

Restorative Aide (RA)

RA's assist residents with rehabilitation and range of motion exercises under the supervision of Registered Physical Therapists and/or licensed nurses. A number of long-term care facilities are requesting that their CNAs have this certification.

Activity Directors/Social Service Designees (AD/SSD)

The State of Kansas has a curriculum for each of these career positions. However, at HCC, these careers have been placed together since there is a large amount of duplication in the curriculum for both designees.

Activity Director are responsible for the scheduling and presentation of a variety of activities including: baking, crafts, games, exercises, outings, gardening, etc., for residents of long term care facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities. etc.

Social Service Designee interview residents about their personal history, interests and needs. They also access outside resources where applicable. They are responsible for providing for counseling for individuals, groups and/or families. Both of these career positions must be able to implement a plan of care to improve or restore Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Medical Records Designee (MRD)

This career position is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and completeness of medical records in the long term care setting. It is important for these individuals to know the residents and understand the importance of their position to those residents as well as to the facility by which they are employed.


These individuals are responsible for the performance of venipunctures, capillary punctures, skin stick, arterial punctures, handling of blood, handling of test tubes, use of a centrifuge, wearing gloves, possibly wearing masks and gowns, dealing with a broad spectrum of the population, handling difficult, confused, resistant, or very young patients, and at times may work in an emergency setting or work with other professionals in an emergency code setting.

Nutrition Assistant

A Nutrition Assistant is able to assist with feeding residents in long-term care facilities.