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Course Placement

To start you on a path of academic success, HutchCC (in accordance with guidance from the Kansas Board of Regents) utilizes standardized test scores to place students into the appropriate Math and English courses. HutchCC administers and accepts both the ACT Exam and the Accuplacer placement tests (Sentence Skills and Elementary Algebra) for placement purposes.
Course Placement Score Qualifications

To schedule an Accuplacer placement test appointment at HutchCC's main campus contact the Assessment Services Office at 620-665-3359. Placement testing is also available at both the HutchCC Newton (316-283-7000) and HutchCC McPherson (620-245-0202) Outreach Center locations.

Students wishing to inquire about distance or remote placement testing services may contact the Assessment Services Office (620-665-3359) between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday or email Jacob Gunden.

If you have taken either of the accepted standardized tests within the last three years, and have completed an application to attend HutchCC, you may have your scores forwarded to HutchCC (Fax: "ATTN: Assessment Services", 620-728-8155). For questions or concerns regarding placement testing, please contact Assessment Services.

Information regarding Accuplacer placement test preparation and study tools is available by downloading The College Board's free web-based Accuplacer Study App (select the "Classic" version of the App) or by contacting the HutchCC Assessment Services Office.

Advance Placement Testing

HutchCC accepts CLEP (College Level Exam Program) credit on a limited basis. Please contact the HutchCC Records Office or review HutchCC's Credit by Examination Policy if interested in using CLEP credit. To locate a CLEP Testing Center in your area visit the The College Board's official CLEP website.


Skills Certification Assessment

HutchCC's Assessment Services Office proudly offers skill professional certification exams for the following testing companies:

Skill Certification Assessment

Career Decision Making

Student Success Center provides career assessment for students and prospective students of Hutchinson Community College.  Tests used most often are Skills One and Myers-Briggs. Career assessments are scheduled after an appointment with a counselor in the Student Success Center.

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