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Career Counseling

HCC counselors assist current and prospective students through the process of exploring career options, gathering personal and occupational information, and making sound career decisions. Counselors assist students in the career decision making process using a variety of assessments including interest and personality inventories and work values questionnaires. There is a $25.00 charge for career assessment testing for individuals who are not currently enrolled at HCC; there are no testing charges for currently registered HCC students. Links to career information are provided below, allowing students to work independently exploring their interests, values, and abilities relative to the career choice process. An HCC Counselor, upon request, can assist students in viewing online references such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

ED 110 – Career Decision Making

Join ED 110 – Career Decision Making, a one credit hour course that provides individuals with the knowledge they need to make an informed career choice. The skills acquired in the course can be applied throughout our careers, in the event we choose – or are confronted with – a career change. In the course, students analyze their interests, values and abilities as they relate to careers. Combining this self-knowledge with current and future occupational data, individuals develop informed career options.

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