Subjects Available for Tutoring


Our crop of tutors for this Fall 2015 can provide assistance in the following classes:

Math  EPOM through College Algebra, Business Math, Calc I to III, Trig, and Statistics
English Basic English through Comp II, Intro to Lit, Brit Lit I, Poetry Writing, Creative Writing, Fairy Tales, World Mythology
Language  Spanish I, French I & II, German I
Business  Personal Finance, Macroeconomics, Intro to Business, Principles of Banking, all accounting classes
Technology  Micro Apps, Micro Lit (except for Microsoft Access), Digital Animation I
History   American History 1492-1865 and 1865-Present; World History since 1600.  American Government, Intro to World Religions,
Fine Arts    Music, Theater, and Art Appreciation; Music Theory I, Printmaking I, Acting, Stagecraft, Costuming, Intro to Sound Engineering
Communication  Speech, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasive Communication, Oral Interp, Forensics
Social Science   Gen Psych, Human Relations, Fund. of Sociology, Death and Dying, Ethics, Marriage and Family, Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Philosophy, Human Growth and Development
Science & Medicine   Weather and Climate, Human A&P, Nutrition, Fitness for Life, Basic Concepts for AH, Cond/Fit Concepts I, Pers & Comm Health, Eng. Mechanics, Gen Bio, Bio I & II, Gen Chem, Chem I & II.



For math and writing tutoring, HCC students may visit Rimmer or submit questions to
Whenever Rimmer's open, we'll try to respond within an hour.

The accounting tutor is available in Rimmer's math lab Sundays and Tuesdays 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm,
and Mondays and Wednesdays  11:30 am – 2:30 pm.

For General Biology and A&P, see also the Supplemental Instruction schedule.

To set up personal tutoring for other subjects, stop by RLRC's front desk or call 665-3449 for more information. 
You may also complete the Personal Tutoring Request Form and send it to


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