Our tutors for the Spring 2015 semester can provide tutoring for the following subjects:

Math—EPOM, all levels of Algebra and Calculus, Trig., Business Math, Statistics, Engr. Graphics I
English—Basic English, Comp I & II, Business English, most literature classes
Languages—Spanish I, French I & II
Computers—Micro Literacy, Micro and Adv. Micro Apps, A+, Visual Basic, Digital Animation I, and more
Business and Economics—Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Accounting I, Small Business Accounting, Micro- and Macroeconomics
Science—All chemistry and biology (except for radiation biology), Gen. and Eng. Physics I, Physical Science, Physical Geology, Weather and Climate
Social Science—American and world histories, World Geography, Human Relations, Gen. Psychology, Sociology, Marriage and Family, Human Growth and Development, Cultural Anthropology, Ethics, Death and Dying, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Social Work
Nursing & PE—Medical Terminology, A&P, Nutrition, Fitness for Life, Intro to PE, Basic Concepts for AH, Basic Sports Medicine, Condition and Fitness Concepts II, Pres. & Comm. Health
Fine Arts and Communication—Art, Music, and Theater Appreciation; Speech; Oral Interp; Video and News Production I; Newspaper Production I & II


Math and writing tutors are available in person in RLRC and on HCC Online during RLRC's usual hours.
For other subjects, request a personal tutor by inquiring in Rimmer at the front desk, by calling 665-3449,
or by completing the Personal Tutoring Request Form and sending it to

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