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Hutchinson Community College Records Office provides the following verifications:

  • Enrollment verifications
  • GPA verification for good student discounts
  • Attendance and degree verification

Enrollment Verification

Verification of enrollment letters for insurance or other purposes shows student name, HCC student ID number, social security number upon request, and enrollment information by semester. Enrollment information includes beginning and ending dates of the semester.

Verification of enrollment may be requested by the student, parent, insurance company, bank, or employment agencies. A picture ID is not required.

The information needed for the verification request is the student's name, HCC student ID number, semesters to verify, and the full address where the verification is to be sent.

G.P.A. Verification

Verification of a student's G.P.A. for good student discounts must be made in person with a picture ID and with the insurance company form. Any request for student G.P.A., other than from the student, requires a signed authorization by the student for the release of the G.P.A. to a third party.

Degree Verification

Verification of degree received and date of graduation may be requested by phone, in writing or by contacting

Hutchinson Community College strictly obeys the regulations put forth in Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Based upon these regulations HCC has designated certain pieces of information Directory Information.

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